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Journal Journal: I got my mac!

Hooray! A year and two months after my last journal entry, in which I noted my desire for a mac, I finally purchased one. A brand new 12" PowerBook is now at home on my coffee table, waiting for me to play more with it. :) I'm excited - can't wait to start using Xcode and AppleScript. :)


Journal Journal: I want a Mac

After years of being pro-Intel (what we always used to call "IBM-compatible"), I think my next machine may be a Mac. I really like what they've been doing lately (iPod; 64-bit procs; big, beautiful displays; Darwin). I've built my own machines in the past, so I've been able to read reviews, resolve conflicts, get exactly what I've wanted, and basically end up with a machine that is sturdy, works well, and is just perfect. However, the appeal of Apple's well-designed, well-organized, standard-designed machine is growing. It may never happen, but I'm currently dreaming.

To aid in these dreams - anyone know if you can use a three-button mouse with a mac yet? I just hate using modifier keys all the time. -- SOLVED! According to conversations I've had, "any old USB mouse" can be plugged into a Mac & work. Exciting.
United States

Journal Journal: The dumbing down continues 1

Why do people insist on dumbing everything down? The most recent occurance is here. This congresswoman has "translated" the U.S. Constitution into "plain language." It sites such passages as "No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed," as being confusing. Now, I can understand that someone who does not know the meaning of "ex post facto" will be unable to understand this sentence. However, isn't that was the rest of education is for? Isn't there a reason that they teach us a little bit of Latin in schools? Isn't there a reason that we study ancient Rome?
The article talks mostly of a "Constitution for Kids", and of course kids are not going to know what "ex post facto" means. However, the woman who did this translation said she also wants to write a translation for adults. I'm sorry, but if you are an adult, and don't know how to go to the library or get on the internet and do a little research, then you are a moron. Stop trying to read the Constitution and go learn how to learn.
Now, I do think that there may be a place for a version of the Constitution with extra captions or whatever describing the history behind some of the wording, but rewriting the wording really seems like part of the meaning is being thrown out the window.
Sarcasm on Next thing you know, she'll want to translate the Constitution into ebonics as well. Sarcasm off

Journal Journal: Sony Picturebooks

So, I've become a bit obsessed with the Sony Picturebook. While I was wandering around Linuxtag over the weekend, I saw a few people with them, and every time I think about them, they just seem like exactly what I'm looking for right now. I really want something small and portable that I could sit and type random stuff with (class notes, bits of code, e-mail, journal, etc.) while also being able to ssh into whatever machine I feel like to do random things (check web server status, e-mail, zephyr, etc.) and also even possible check Slashdot once in a while. Of course, I'd like all this and about 6+ hours of battery life (demanding, aren't I?).

About the only reason I'm fascinated by the Picturebook instead of something like a Handspring, or something like the HP Jornado is that it's keyboard seems just almost big enough to touch-type on. I hate having to hunt&peck on tiny keyboards, and I'm not too sure about my feeling on the hand-writing like stuff on the Palm devices. Of course, I also like the idea of a slightly more powerful, Intel-compatible processor, as opposed to the Strongarm. I know denies me some available battery life, but it almost seems worth it to me to be able to run Linux without too many issues, and also download random apps without taking forever if a recompile is needed.

Unfortunately, it seems that all production of these devices has stopped, except for the C1MX, or whatever the new one is. And, I really don't want all of the power that this new one is going to have. RW/DVD on something this small? I'm not even planning to use a CD-ROM on whatever I end up with. I don't want to watch movies on it, and the only games I'd ever play are like hearts or cribbage or freecell - maybe even chess. Also, I'm kind of cheap, as college students often are, so I'd really rather pay like ~$300 rather than ~$1500.

Eh, sounds like I've just typed up everyone's wish - a computer that goes everywhere, does exactly what I want, and costs very little. So, while I'll probably never get what I want, if anyone reads this and has any comments/suggestions, please feel free to send them my way.


Journal Journal: Linuxtag rocked!

Just returned from Linuxtag. Quite fun, I have to say. Even if my German is a bit slow... :P

It's always cool to see so many people all interested in a common topic in one place. It's also nice to see that not only small-ish companies supporting Linux, but also large ones (HP, Sun, etc.). You read about it all the time on Slashdot and stuff, but to actually see them at a convention dedicated specifically to linux is just cool.

The talks were alright, if a bit slow and almost boring occasionally. I assume they are more meant to capture a random interest, rather than thoroughly educate attendees. Of course, it also seemed like some of the slow-awkward-ness stemmed from the fact that several of the presenters tried to give their presentations in English, when they were definitely not native English speakers.

Very enjoyable, though. Thanks to all involved in organizing it, and thanks to the town of Karlsruhe for hosting.

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