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Journal Journal: More Beer

The Upland Saison in the growler turned out to be their Octoberfest. I recall asking my waittress for a growler of "this" pointing to my glass and I guess she had forgotten what I'd ordered. The Octoberfest was good but I already had a sixpack of it in the beer fridge.

This past weekend I swung by the liquor store on a trip to the big city. I picked up the last 3 pack of Urthel Tripel, a Rogue Seahorse APA and a 750 crock of Rogue Mori Moto Impy Pils. The Seahorse is a pretty tasty APA and the Urthel is delicious if just a bit sweet (for a tripel) for my tastes. Saving the crock for a special occasion.

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Journal Journal: Beer Blog

Up tonight is Upland Brewery's Saison which has been camping out in my fridge in a growler I picked up last saturday. I've been saving it for a night my wife and I could enjoy it together cause I dont think I can knock the whole thing out myself. This post is a test to see what the hell the journal thing is all about.

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