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Comment For this you want a professional product (Score 5, Insightful) 387

Seriously, this is the kind of product that is done with help of lawyers and accountants, because it is really complicated. Specialists rarely work for free with open source products. You really don't want some 18 year open source coder's "product" (who just filed his taxes for the first time and quickly coded up something) for this. They just don't understand all the different tax laws and practices, especially in some corner cases. And it is YOU who will be responsible when the program gets it wrong. Using open source instead of a program made by professionals with the help of accountants and tax professionals is incredibly stupid!

Comment Re:What break? (Score 5, Insightful) 300

Despite the perceived "fanboyism", there is some truth in that too. I used to think Apple users were huge fanboys before. But this year I got MacBook Air and despite some quirks like different keyboard layout (I'm used to PC) and Finder trying to hide much of the file system, I am quite impressed with it. It is very polished, and despite the GP saying that Apple doesn't innovate, I haven't for example seen multi-touch trackpad in any other laptop. It makes a great difference. The quality of it is also much better than I have used before, as is screen and audio quality (I always wondered why my headphones sounded like shit with my old laptop even while it cost 3000 dollars!).

The overall product is very finished. On top of that you get a nice UNIX system on the background and tons of apps that come with it. For example Automator and the system-wide services menu for your scripts make a HUGE difference.

And of course, there are also many commercial games available for the platform and now that Steam is too, there should just be more. Linux just cannot compete that. Even if you are a geek, OS X is a very good choice, as it's pretty much what Linux on desktop should be.

Comment Re:Change Apache to nginx (Score 1, Informative) 197

Actually, any website that is properly optimized is already serving most of it content as static. That is what caches are for. And yes, you can (and should) cache even parts of the page. However, even with dynamic content there is a very clear difference between serving with apache or nginx. Sure, someone who really knows Apache can maybe hack it to work as fast, but how many persons actually know? Let's be realistic here.

Most of the time just switching to nginx and properly caching your content can mitigate DDOS attacks. Sometimes you may need more, but the point is that you should fix these bottlenecks first anyway.

Comment Re:Change Apache to nginx (Score 1, Informative) 197

You do understand that there are different kinds of DDOS attacks and flooding the available bandwidth is just one of them?

In fact most DDOS attacks rely on causing heavy load on the server. Bringing down server like that requires much less resources of your own than flooding it with pure traffic.

Geez, slashdot, this is one of the fundamentals of DDOS attacks.

Comment Change Apache to nginx (Score 0, Offtopic) 197

nginx performs much better than Apache. The latter one is really bloated, which shows extremely quickly when you're under DDOS. nginx is designed to be lightweight and fast while still offering many features. It was originally created for Rambler, a huge Russian search engine and portal when other web servers couldn't handle their needs. It truly kicks Apache's ass.

Submission + - Google+ Ruined Google, Former Executive Says (

CoderExpert writes: You may remember when the longtime Google engineer Steve Yegge accidentally shared his rant about the service for the whole world to see. He is now getting support from other ex-Google executives, who are saying that Google ruined itself with the Google+ service. James Whittaker, a former google exec, revealed that enthusiasm in Google+ among company employees has been far from universal. Whittaker, who left Google after working as an executive for three years, is arguing that the focus on competing with Facebook in social networking is helping to destroy the search company's innovative culture. "It turns out that there was one place where the Google innovation machine faltered and that one place mattered a lot: competing with Facebook. Informal efforts produced a couple of antisocial dogs in Wave and Buzz. ... Google awoke from its social dreaming to find its front runner status in ads threatened. Google could still put ads in front of more people than Facebook, but Facebook knows so much more about those people".

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