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Journal Journal: WOW Thing

I was researching a sound system called WOW on the internet. What WOW does is retrieves spatial data from a stereo track (two channels, left and right), and does some magic to make the sound come out at you, making it seem like you've got surround sound with only two speakers. The other amazing this the system does is called TruBass. It does some other magic that makes your ears think that you're getting better bass than your speakers can physically handle.

I came across and they have this tiny cheap-LAN-hub-sized box called the WOW Thing that does the effects from any sound source. It's only 25$!!!

Actually, most people running windows can try it out. Windows Media Player 7 and above have the WOW effect built in, you just have to turn it on. To find out how, just go to the help index and type WOW. it'll walk you through it.


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Journal Journal: First Post...

Well, here goes my first journal entry. I'm gonna use this as kinda a logbook of my day, a err... journal. Right. So I guess I'll start with the sites that I always go to.
This is one of the most timely and informative Nintendo information news sites out there.
This is the home of basically all of the online EarthBound community. (EarthBound is an RPG that came out for the SNES in 1994/1995 (Japan/USA respectively).
The site I go to for trek news other than


OK! That's about it for today. See you later.

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