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Journal Journal: 1 year at new job, iPhone fun, etc...

Well, it's been one year at the new job. I've just back from the US for the first time in almost 10 years and have been given the opportunity of a new job within the company that will see me there for a considerable amount of time every year. I don't know how I feel about that as I don't think I or my family would survive very long being constantly separated. Lots of talk to do there in a short amount of time....

I also got myself an iPhone (finally). Not a bad little device. I haven't jailbroken it yet but I will as soon as I get fed up with only dealing with the App Store and a few artificial restrictions put on the phone. In any case, I still have my handy Nokia N80 for all the things that the iPhone is lacking (Video calling, decent camera, video, etc).

Well, since I'm at work I guess I should start working. :)

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Journal Journal: 3 years to the day....

Three years to the day and I'm in a new job. :) Teaching again was one of the best employment experiences of my life so far, but I do see where this one will be even better. :)
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Journal Journal: New job

Well, just thought I would put an update on here. 3 weeks ago I started teaching MCSE courses again as a way to not only keep food on the table, but to keep a bit of my sanity. Teaching seems to really soothe my soul and clear my mind. I am still runing my business as well, just doing a bit less work at the moment while I think about shifting away from services to providing niche product for the moment. We'll see how everything goes. :)

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