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Journal Journal: I am doing stuff

I decided not to do further research/study.

I decided to get a real job.

I didn't find a programming job but I did find a job.

I am now a C++ teacher at a private academy.
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Journal Journal: Opionions 2

Why do I do it to myself. I make statements that are perfectly reasonable that I know will be unpopular. An example is This an opinion that I still consider reasonable but that I made even though I knew that the average slashdot user would get irate at reading it. Is it that I like starting arguments or is it that I actually think I can make people question their assumptions.

In theory /. is a "scientific" forum, however, on many issues the users keep opinions that can best be described as fanatical. Certain things cannot be questioned such as the space program, even though science is supposed to be open for debate. Bleh! I don't know why I bother.
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Journal Journal: Hm, Phd 1

Well interesting. It seems my mark for my honours thesis may be adequate to have earned entry in to phd candidature.

Journal Journal: Honours

I finally have an honours supervisor. It was a hard slog and I managed it just in time. I am doing my thesis on Case Based Reasoning and expert systems applications.
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Journal Journal: Honours

Well, after six months of looking for full time work I have been offered an Honours year at uni. So I think it's time to do my Honours in computer science.
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Journal Journal: Ah slashdot again

Once again I have a slashdot account, I hae not been here so long that I have no idea anymore even what my username was. Let's hope my memory works better then, but then again I have learned not to trust my wetware.

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