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Comment I *did* pay more for engineering. (Score 3, Informative) 537

At my university (in Canada) 20 years ago they charged different rates depending on the college offering the class. I just checked the current fees and they continue to do this. At the low end is Arts at $192 per credit unit, Computer Science is $219, Engineering is $227, Applied Music is $290, and interestingly Law is $420.

Comment Re:Hey, cable companies: (Score 1) 200

There's no reason why you couldn't structure the municipal broadband such that it has to break even over some suitable period. That would prevent it from continually being subsidized by the local municipality.

Where I live one of the main local telcos is owned by the province, and rather than being subsidized it consistently provides a profit back to the provincial government, while simultaneously being highly competitive with the big national telcos.

Comment not a problem for productivity stuff (Score 1) 116

The integrated video is now capable of running multiple high-res monitors. It's entirely valid for office work including photography stuff.

I wouldn't want to do gaming or full-on 3D CAD work, but for just about anything else it works just fine (and draws substantially less power than an external video chip, which is nice in a laptop).

Comment read the article (Score 1) 80

They're not compressing it, they're simply condensing it on a cooling coil. And I assume they're going to need some form of refrigeration for that, so I'm not sure why they talk about getting rid of chillers.

Also, the chip surfaces are shown to be vertical, so the bubbles will rise along the surface of the chip, likely creating a convection current in the process.

Comment Re:Can the SSD stand the heat of Data Center? (Score 1) 88

It seems to me that as long as you have protection against power outage, it should be possible to get equal reliability from software RAID. Fundamentally a hardware RAID card is just a processor with a NVRAM or battery-backed DRAM cache, and it's limited to a single PCIe bus connection.

Comment that is incorrect (Score 1) 162

General-purpose cord-and-plug connected items are allowed to use the full 15A. (This is why power tools can be 15A.) 14AWG copper conductors are actually rated for 20A for static loads like electric heat, they just downrate them to 15A for general circuits because of the possibility of multiple devices being plugged in at once and to allow for motor loads.

As for why appliances don't use the full allowed amperage...most people don't care so they manufacturers don't either.

That said, it is possible to get 1800W toasters, toaster ovens, coffee makers, etc. in the USA. They're just hard to find and you'll likely end up paying more.

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