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Journal Journal: Help!

I am a computing addict. If you know of any help groups please post the URL below.


User Journal

Journal Journal: I am back (troll status removed)

After 40 or so more posts at Score 0 I finally got moderated back up to Neutral. I did think the recently moderated post was on-topic and included a URL that was very informative *one of my favourite links*.

Moderation isnt done in the best way though as I also posted more decent *IMO* comments and also a few flames. Most moderations are done in the first hour of posting IMO and Moderators seem to view only +1 or higher comments.

I am now able to be viewed by a lot of Slashdotters again - look out, I am back!


Journal Journal: I am not a freaking Troll

So, Ive posted 82 comments since joining Slashdot. 2 out of 82 got moderated. Today I posted at score 0 and I feel like shit!

Score 0 is for people that dont matter. I should matter in this scene. I do not promote stupidity and ignorance (aka troll).

I will try and get my score back up to 1 soon by sleeping more and not posting as much. Slashdot has unfairly judged me as nonsense up till now, I am not a freaking Troll!!!

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