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Journal Journal: Random Stuff

I am just your average nerd. Okay I am not average. I have a chemistry degree from the University of Minnesota. Yet I hate Goldy Gopher and have only gone to one game (it was women's soccer for two dollars). I took German for the hell of it my senior year. I love working in labs and the smell of ether. I can get excellent spectrums from GCMS, FTIR, and NMR with only 10 milligrams of product total to work with. I believe in lab gnomes that steal your product and thus reduce your yield. I can take apart a rotovap and put it back together. I have taken part in an ice fight in lab. For three summers I made drugs: Alavert and Triaminic, and did anything from cleaning glassware to filling to running samples to writing an SOP for a new piece of equipment. I was a C/C++ Teaching Assistant. While I was a TA I had students curious if I was sick when I was gone, hug me for getting their code to work, thank me for explaining a concept to them, offer to go out drinking, state that I was the only TA that made programming fun, and laugh at my stupid jokes about "code fu". I program, knit, write, watch Star Trek, sew, bike, laugh, and commit general acts of nerdery.

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