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Comment Re:What graphics card will be enough? (Score 1) 89

I was half joking. I bought the GT 8800 because before Civ4, I was running onboard graphics which wouldn't run the first month (maybe week, that was a while ago), and was severly hobbled until I acquised to buying a better card. I continued to use the 8800 until Civ 5 when it was very clear, it would not even cut the most basic settings. I only upgraded when I was absolutely forced to.

Comment What graphics card will be enough? (Score 3, Interesting) 89

Is the NVideo GTX TITAN Black or Radeon R9 295X2 going to be enough GPU for the game? Will I have to 3-way SLI or CrossFire them? It seems all the last Civ games have really pushed the graphics envelope which never made much sense to me since I find them to be almost spreadsheet games. I love Civ (particularly 2 & 4), but the video requirements seem excessive. I remember buying a GTX 8800 for Civ 4, and GTX 580 for Civ 5.

Comment Re: Oh NRC... get your crap together (Score 1) 135

No, I generally get that the AP1000 "G3+" is a glorified G1 and the differences between it and an older style PWR is less than the similarities. More importantly, it doesn't really implement the passive cooling we'd like to see. Never the less, it is a small step forward. As for Watts Bar, I understand it is a "G2" PWR that they are finishing from 1988.

Comment Re:If a cop murders a kid.. (Score 1) 1046

E. He/She is a murderer and should be punished as much or worse than a common murderer since trust was put into the officer.

Most of them seem to either get some sort of sick kicks out of it, or are overly hyped. It is time that even cops get proper punishment rather than the free pass they seem to get currently.

Comment Re:Renton City Prosecutor (Score 2) 327

Except there isn't really sufficient evidence the AC means to assassinate or request someone assassinate the prosecutor. See last Sunday's discussion: So, I think even his words would qualify under free speech.

Comment Re:A Good Patent (Score 1) 391

No, it's probably a brilliantly evil plan. Apple knows the MAFIAA has legions of lobbyists working to prevent "piracy". If they can convince the MAFIAA that this is a required technology, then other phone makers will be forced to either pay extortion fees to Apple, or put out of business since they will be unable to comply with federal law.

Comment Re:Unless you are a professional gamer... (Score 1) 124

You're a bit off there. There are uses beyond gamers for the newest cards, and as much hope as I had for the GTX 590, I think nVidia missed it too. The answer is GPU computing. The way I see it (I may be myopic), is that $700 for a GPU is cheap for the computational performance. Sadly, the GTX 590 under performs because nVidia was worried about noise & power more than FLOPS. As far as I'm concerned, I'm just going to buy banks of cards and put them in a room where I can't hear them. So, despite weeks of waiting, we'll be going with the GTX 580 as it beats the GTX 590, Radeon 6990, and Radeon 5970 for our uses.

Comment Re:punches all other GPUs in the nuts (Score 1) 164

Maybe it's more because I'm not a serious gamer, but I've been looking at a bank of these cards for GPU computing. More computing power, less space, faster transfer across cards rather than network, and less overhead costs associated with buying more systems. We bought the Radeon HD 5970 & GeForce GTX 580 two weeks ago for comparisons. This week will tell us which platform is better for our needs since we need to move from theory to reality.

For home use, I'd keep using the GeForce 8800 GTX, but I'm the lucky recipient of the card that doesn't win.

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