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GNU is Not Unix

Journal Journal: On Karma Whoring II

Okay, so far karma is still excellent. Occaisionally whoring takes a backseat to my actual interests in the nerd community, and it is about such an occaision that I write today.
I replied to a post by Bruce Perens, regarding the ability of Free and Open Source Software to overcome program management issues, as illustrated by's fork of XFree86. He replied in agreement. I practically came all over my monitor at that. I mean, Bruce Perens! Before that, the only truly famous people I ever dealt with were Wil Wheaton (sorry dude) and Neil Patrick Harris, who happened to be on a Southwest Airlines flight from LA to Albuquerque with me. (Sorry again, here- nothing against you). Both were relatively minor famous people. But Bruce, well, let's just say if I was gay, and I am not (not that there's anything wrong with that) well, you know.
Okay, back to whoring, but every once in a while slashdot is just The Place To Be, you know? Even for us fucktards.

Oh- and if I had to hang with a second rate hollywood star it would be Wil. Just takes himself less seriously, more fun personality. He's a bleeding heart liberal, but on some issues, I guess I can be too.
Just in case I posted something that really chafed you, here are my positions on the "issues". Feel free to comment if for some reason you've found yourself reading this.
1. Military intervention in Iraq: FOR.
Taxes: LOWER
Creationism in public Schools: Not in "science" class, that's for sure.
Gay Marriage: Okay. The constitution basically says that we have equal rights. That means you get to cover your partner under your medical insurance, transfer property, all that. So there can be no restriction on gay marriage in a truly constitutional and free nation.
Sex Ed: Well, I have seen some pretty over the top examples of "education" so I will say Yes With Limits. Teaching my six year old that anal sex with a jackalope is healthy and natural will not be popular with me.
Welfare: Yes, after you prove that there's a good reason for you not to get your ass to work.
Separation of Church and State: Yes.
Hate Crimes Legislation: Yes, if it's equally applied to all racially motivated attacks, and not just the ones committed against minorities.
Universal Healthcare: FUCK NO.
Me working my whole life for the betterment of society without any expectation of personal gain or enrichment: I'm gonna vote 'no' on that too. No socialism for me, thanks.
Canada: No.

Journal Journal: On Karma Whoring

I have changed my mind, and will now Karma-whore permanently. Whatever you just modded up was probably bullshit I said to appeal to your vanity. It is likely I don't mean it at all. Then, whammo! I will have whored myself out for anonymous, false recognition from strangers! Yay! /retard
User Journal

Journal Journal: First entry, on Moderation

Moderation. Such an interesting word, with dual definitions. To do something in moderation means to do it in a limited way. To moderate means to make moderate, or to limit or control.
Perhaps I am a troll. Perhaps not. Most of my karma is excellent, except that every time one of my posts deviates from the slashdot collective mentality, I am modded -1, redundant, -1, troll, or -1, redundant. I am sick of that. Use your mod points to uplift, and show some personality. Use TROLL for deliberate attempts to hijack a thread , not just to enforce your limited view of the universe. Your view could be correct, but it's not the only view. Don't be a thought-bigot.

PS- I try to use mod points fairly. I meta-moderate to enforce fairness. Moderate accordingly.

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