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Journal Journal: My Approach to Moderation

I think my approach to moderating is somewhat different than is typical of Slashdot moderators, and I think it has a somewhat positive effect for the community as a whole, so I thought I'd do a quick write-up...

When deciding which topic to moderate, I basically pick the first (newest) that's of interest to me. I don't horde points (basically if a could be made for modding a comment, I'll mod it), so my 5 moderator points rarely last beyond one discussion.

Basically when I moderate I browse at Min -1 (Max 1), flat, newest first. The first benefit of this is that I see ALL the messages (not just the messages the system has deemed "good" at +2), I'm not just moderating the first message in a discussion. Its better, in my opinion, to add to existing discussions rather than continually adding new ones. Unfortunately karma whores have an incentive to post at the top level, so that more people read their messages (and therefore theres a high chance a lazy moderator will bump them up).

I read "newest first" simply because these are the ones that have been read by the fewest people (so my moderation has the greatest impact for the readership, the whole point of this exercise).

Browsing at -1 gives me the chance to rescue messages that have been unfairly trashed by other moderators, or to bump up Anonymous Cowards who have something of value to say. Truth be told I've never found a -1 that I've wanted to redeem, so maybe I'll just start browsing at 0 and show a bit of faith in my fellow moderators.

Now, browsing at Max 1 is maybe the oddest part of my approach. Basically of moderating is that good messages tend to get bumped higher. Any moderators that browse at higher filters will only bumped up those messages further. My feeling is that there isn't a big difference between a 2 or a 5 (how many people are really browsing at a higher filter than 2?). Additionally moderating messages that are 1 means that I'm giving karma to new users (or users who don't post often), and helping them work up to a priviliged posting position (once their karma is excellent their comment score will initially be set at 2 instead of 1). Rather then drive the methuselah's karma higher and higher, it seems to me that we should be helping these voices to be heard.

Well, for what its worth those are my thoughts on the subject. :-) My account seems to be tagged as a reasonably good moderator since I'm given mod points every few days. I've only had someone disagree with my moderation once (I think they disagreed with the content of the discussion, rather then the quality of the post), so that probably has more to do with my moderator status than the above system...



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Journal Journal: Internet crushes 2

Well, my first story submitted got rejected (boo hoo!), so rather then just let it disappear into the void, here it is if anyone wanders in here...


This is the first "story" I've ever submitted. Please be gentle! ;-)

There seem to be a lot of women out there, some web celebs, who have posted quite a bit of information about themselves. One theory in psychology is that the strength of our relationships is based on the amount of information we know about the other person (e.g. the reason you have a strong, although not necessarily good, relationship with your parents is that you know SO much about one another).

Every time I spend 20 or 30 minutes reading about one of these women, I surf away thinking "wow, I'd love to hook up with her!". It's happened with Bonnie J. Burton, Kathleen Fent (sorry Rob, I swear I never touched her!), sclatter (a slashdotter for whom I know her boyfriend's name and her horses' names, but not hers!) and Eve Andersson.

I've never had any delusions of potential relationships with TV or movie celebs, so what's different about the web? Is it just that geek girls (apparently their common denominator if you check out the websites) are rare enough that I can't meet them in "real life"? Have other people developed a crush with on-line strangers you haven't interacted with? What was the response if you contacted them (I've never gone that far myself yet)? Do women or gay/bisexual men had crushes on guys on-line (hell, even I am a little attracted to CowboyNeal! ;-) I was really happy when I got my first Slashdot fan, but joy turned sour when I saw that his friends list was very long (the slut!) and my current theory is that he's trying to kill the system with kindness.

I'd be very interested in anecdotes and links to published work on the phenomena. Any women reading this are invited to look at my home page then send me marriage proposals


John Champaign

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