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Journal Journal: Old Slashdot news stories about open access (October 2003 to March 2009)

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Journal Journal: LtU node of the week 1

From my advogato diary:
  1. I'll start this week with the very fresh.
    Week 1: Node #587: The fate of reduce() in Python 3000 , which has become a sort of forum for complaining about/defending Python's piss poor support of core FP style. Regular readers of this diary will probably have become aware that my attitude to the language moves around the spectrum from "distaste" through "irritation" and "outrage" to "cold hatred" ;
  2. This week, I nominate Node #548: Journals and papers
  3. Node #633: Dominus talk about HO Perl, with thanks to fxn;
  4. Node #645: Chemistry, Graph Tranformation and Programming Languages, about using graph transformations to represent the possible ways molecules can react;
  5. Node #663: Why do they program in C++?, about the mismatch between what PL theorists recommend and the enduring appeal of C++;
  6. Node #673: The Fortress Language Specification: another Guy Steele special, which in Sun's language for highly parallel programming, which reminds me a bit of Connection Machine LISP.

and there should be more next week...

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