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Comment Re:Who won? (Score 2) 43

Both, neither, pick one. It's not a win for net neutrality though.

Netflix: "Comcast is preferring their own services over others! Net neutrality, net neutrality!!"
Comcast: "Alright, let's cut a deal."
Netflix: "Comcast is preferring their own services and ours! All is right with the world! Screw you, video streaming startups!"

Comment Re:lol (Score 1) 289

It can "hover" into a building? Do you know how the threshold between "Hey we're just outside the window" and "oh now we're 2ft above the 3rd floor" and "yeah now our exhaust has nowhere to go" works?

I think they're referring to scaling the design down to micro-UAV size.

Comment Re:A nice idea in theory, but... (Score 1) 453

My thoughts exactly. How many times have you had to fiddle with the contacts of a battery compartment to get something working? This is going to be prone to the same sort of issues, only instead of the failure mode being simply loss of contact, you can end up with cases where the wrong terminal connects, causing a short -- and potentially a fire.

Comment Re:Bigger scam for 1-eyed viewers (Score 1) 532

I've got two eyes, but one is sufficiently weak that my brain never learned stereoscopic vision. 3D movies for me amount to having to wear uncomfortable dorky glasses.

Oh, and also watching an image that is half as bright as a normal movie. Was that normal, or the result of my seeing the movie in a lousy theater? Is this just an acknowledged drawback to the technology, or are they supposed to be projecting at double the brightness to compensate?

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