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Comment IDecline (Score 1) 176

arriving soon in the App Store: "IReport". It helps you quickly and efficiently file a police report after your linked savings account is emptied, your credit card filled with bogus charges from Atlantic City. You thought you were pretty cool, paying for stuff by waving your phone. Somebody robbed you just as easily, it all evens out in the end. Good thing you have IReport to help you...

Comment I seem to have lost my (Score 1) 312

So.....making a tablet nobody wants, then selling them off at crazy eddie prices after nobody buys referred to as a success? Really? It's like falling down the stairs and having your pants come off, then referring to it as "a dramatic entry". Someone finally came up with a way to best the iPad....but they can only do it once......

Comment Garbage In (Score 1) 411

Facebook is like that kinda hot girl you dated, but quickly realized she was..not so much. I consider her a big fat w**re that blabs everything I say all over the internet. She steals, smokes, and has chronic gas. So now I only lie to her, feed her garbage info and randomly change my profile. I dumped cable over a year ago and have been lying to the bookFace as well. I consider it a fairly annoying inbox, little more.

Comment The Man's Scan Plans (Score 1) 400

I have seen these in use in New Haven, CT. Usually, they drive around the streets looking for the usual parking ticket scofflaws, and boot violators. I don’t have a problem with that. On the other hand, I have also seen them slowly cruising privately owned parking garages, which to me seems like it should be illegal. Public streets and private property would seem to have different laws, methinks?.....I would assume someone is getting paid to let them onto private property, to pursue something completely unrelated to parking. Where does it end?

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