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Journal Journal: My bass guitar has died...

I have had a "Fender" style Precision Bass Copy for nearly twenty years now. although, I hadn't touched the damn thing in five years. recently, my parents moved abroad and shipped what few items I wished to keep by courier service.

It seems they have used the bass guitar as some sort of bat, as the neck has shattered it transit.


Oh well, it only cost £15 ($25) at a flea market. It has no manufacturers markings, and I'd bet it was stolen, but I liked it. Solid wood, with a natural finish, and damn heavy, but I enjoyed playing it, however badly.

It's not worth replacing the neck with a new one, although I might buy a cheap Squire and use that... we'll see.

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Journal Journal: The four noble truths?

I'm a big fan of the first three noble truths. in case you, the non-existant readers, are not not aware;

1: the world is filled with suffering
2: human suffering is caused by desire
3: the elimination of desire removes suffering, leading to happiness and inevitably closer to nirvana.
4: drink Coca-cola

I think you'll agree that there's a bit of a logical jump from step 3 to step 4.

okay, the real one is:
4: the path to achieving this is the eightfold path.

It might as well be "drink coca-cola" for all the sense it makes.

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Journal Journal: I bet Jet Li doesn't have to put up with crap like this.

Had the beginnings of an argument with a drunk guy this evening about stanley kubrick. Stupid reason for an argument in the first place, and I wasn't drunk, so when he called me a liar and said "you don't know what the fuck you're talking about!" I simply admitted that I may be wrong, and left shortly after.

Pride is a terrible thing, so I'm going to vent my brused ego into gaping maw of the void known as the internet - that will be the end of it.

My claim that Stanley Kubrick generally filmed in 4:3 aspect ratio, and this is why DVDs of The Shining are all in 4:3 . He didn't know what an aspect ratio was, so I explained this was the same shape as a TV image.

He responded that kubrick didn't film in 4:3, he filmed in 35mm. When I tried to explain that these are seperate things, he stopped listening and started the shouting, during whichtold me that he should know because he worked on 'Full Metal Jacket' and added a barrage of insults to boot.

Since then I have checked IMDb, and it bears me out. The original negatives of all but his two Cinemascope productions had an aspect ratio of 1.37 - and incidentally states that Kubricks FMJ was partly filmed on 70mm stock!

So I feel vindicated and I'm annoyed that I had to back down on this, but when I see him agin I'm not going to bring it up because It'll only cause more trouble for no reason. I don't need to belittle him to his face for the sake of my ego, so this is as far as it goes. Just because he's been in the same room as a cameraman doesn't mean he knows jack about the optics of cinematography.

Unfortunately no lessons learned by either of us, except a sharp reminder that drunks are to be humored. not contradicted.

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Journal Journal: anonymity rocks. yee-haw!

many people keep blogs, and the greatest worry is that you will post something deeply personal, and possibly hurtful in that blog and it will be read by the last person you want to see it in the whole world! The Answer in vagueness and anonymity.

If I admit I am Fredederick Chello from Butte, Montana and show off my shiny new weblog to all my friends, then OK - it'll take real balls to post anything personally meaningful there.

However if I never say my real name and avoid using peoples names generally, no one would ever know...that's what I have done.

Anyone can read this blog, but they have to find it. And those that can haven't shown any signs of wanting it yet.

That's why I can bare my soul, as in my last article. w00t!

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Journal Journal: revisiting my Ex. Past & Present

The following story is long, and probably boring if you don't know those involved.


There is a long and horrible history behind this, as with the death of any long term relationship, which all finally caused the emotional carcrash just under 3 years ago on May 28th 2001. My 25th birthday, and best day in the history of mankind! I will mostly be skimming over this relatively briefly and leaving out a lot of the details, as any good (and by good I mean bad) breakup needs at least a short novel to describe it, and the surrounding circumstances, properly.

Anyway, we were living seperately. She made a male friend, and never quite got round to telling me she was fucking him. She was in favour of open relationships, in both meanings of the term (tell the truth/polyamorous) and wanted to take things further. Then a couple of things happened: I noticed a half-used jumbo pack of condoms that I had no part of, and she mentioned he was moving to our city.

When I put this jigsaw together, I could not handle the full picture. It wasn't jealousy, let me make that clear. I was just horrified, and then dejected. I confronted her, she admitted it. No, admitted is the wrong word. She proudly vaunted it. and made it clear that she resented the implication that there was any wrongdoing on her behalf.

I cried. I cried a lot. I love her deeply to this day but I didn't know what to do, and so I did nothing but despair... It was over but no-one wanted to put the relationship out of it's misery. This went on for 3 months. It's a sad and sorry state of affairs, but that's ambivalence...

In early May I got a phonecall that IIRC went like this:
        Her:"Do you want me to spend the night on your birthday? Only It's a holiday weekend and <guys name> wants to come up."
        Me :"Do what you want to; It sounds like you've made up your mind already." (I probably said this quite harshly)
        Her:<unintelligable but upset sounds> <click>

Come to think of it, I always wondered exactly what she said, but when I rang back a while later her phone was engaged. She was probably talking to him for comforts sake.

My bday comes around, she comes to visit, I ask if she's staying. no. He's staying, and he's coming to picker up later. I then get my birthday call from my parents, whom I tell that it's over with my g/f. I inform her and she says "telling your parents is pretty final." Another good one from that night is "I knew you were upset, but I didn't know you were in mourning."

Eventually she went home.

I was serious about her, and I would have liked to spend the rest of my life with her, but sometimes things just aren't meant to be. Quite frankly, even though I don't think it would work out, if she was single and asked me to come back to her I would. In a second.


I visited them with my flatmates in their new car. She's still with the same guy, and they've set up house together as of about a year ago. I've forgiven her for breaking my heart, and I think she has forgiven me - I did a few regrettable things too, although not out of spite.

It was pretty weird. Well it would be, wouldn't it - To see them in this little domestic setup, the little affectionate shared glances, and just generally how comfortable the whole thing was.

We chatted, he showed off a PS2 game he's been playing, she showed me round their house, including its extremely narrow staircase. I reminisced about the day she accidentally headbutted me and broke my glasses, which she didn't remember - although she remembered charitably donating some money towards the replacements out of charity, and generally an entertaining time was had by all...

It reminded me how hollow my life is without someone to share it, and that the person I want to share it with is her. It could have been me there instead of him, living like that. It's a feeling of regret with a piquant hint of remorse. Life could have been so different.

But It wasn't. Well, fuck it, tough tittifilarum.

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Journal Journal: New car.

my flatmates got a 3rd hand car, a Fiat Punto.

That's about it. I hope it works out well...

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Journal Journal: renting houses

Finally signed up for another year with my current landlord. found a new housemate, whome I have lived with before - reallyevildan. not really all that evil for a guy call dan with that IRC/Gamerz/AIM/MSN nick.

Finally the parade of people coming round to view the house and laughing at me while I am asleep(!) is over!!!

Here's to Dan! Kampai

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Journal Journal: Slashdot moderation - least unnacceptable solution

The problem with democracy is that you have to give idiots the vote. I have been modded -1 overrated and troll for things that I considered perfectly acceptable posts.

I don't think "-1 100% Overrated" is fair moderation - I mean, something has to be rated(!) before it is "overrated".

(sigh) I wish people would read the moderation guidlines before moderating, or at least the little helpful comment on the right "Concentrate on promoting more than demoting"

There may be some idiocy involved, or just some hurried attempts to moderate without checking if it's your modifiers that are modding me up. After all, I've had good karma since my first post, and I don't recall ever posting AC, so for some users that'll be an automatic +2...

but I can't think of any better system that will still remain as simple. I guess I'll have to help out with metamoderating when I'm allowed to...

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Journal Journal: spring cleaning - update

8 days later and the house is a filthy mess.

did I do this? I don't think so... :-/

anyway - more proof (if any was required) that cleaning is an unnecessary waste of precious time and resources; unless you're a neat freak, anyway. tidying? That's another matter entirely.

Also, no sign of the agent. Was it a lie??

Update: may 19th...
I still think cleaning is a waste of time, and the house'd be better served by killing the cat and the smokers quitting, but hey ho! The agent showed up in april(!) and I'm willing to admit my smoking is a contribution to dust...

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Journal Journal: Spring cleaning.

it's a waste of time. I'd rather live in my own filth. after a few years the dust doesn't get any thicker. anyway... It's spring cleaning time and I have taken the bathroom ,kitchen and living room - pretty much all of the communal areas, and boy am I doing a half arsed job. O. isn't interested in helping at all (we never agreed to the indian guy, and he says he'll help when IG's gone), and S. is doing the tidying. He hasn't tidied yet, and the deadline is tomorrow night. the letting agents come the day after.

P.S. after the christmas PS2 giving, console fever seems to have died down.

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Journal Journal: The Indian guy.

The Indian Guy who lives rent-free in a separate bed-sit in my house has recently been turning up at 3 A.M. with a young teenager in tow. He doesn't speak a word of English, and I'd be afraid to ask anyway.

~I don't even know the man! he's just some guy my landlord said would be there for a few weeks. (4 months ago)

The moral? Never rent - and if you do, never share a bathroom...

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Journal Journal: Penny-Arcade vs A Modest Destiny

WebComic Wars. What a waste of bandwidth. Gabe @Penny Arcade recently got it's users to slashdot Squidi's A.M.D. because squidi made a nuisance of himself in the P-A forums trying to get (modified) artwork of his removed...

Everyone came out looking like a Jerk. Good for them.

It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: Freehand Hairstyle

Today I cut my own hair.

I used my flat-mate's hair trimmer but didn't bother to use the guard, trying for something in the #3-#4 range. I won't need a paper bag, but I now realise that the guards they provide are A Good Thing.

Very uneven...

In other news, the bearings on the Lounge PC are failing, and We mus all choose between personal computing and peace.

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