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Journal Journal: EU Commission Investigating Sony and HD-DVD vs BlueRay

I Just posted this to Slashdot....we will see if it gets picked up...
It didn't get it. Maybe because it's about EU?!? Who cares...
According to ArsTechnica and the WSJ, European Commission recently sent letters to Hollywood movie studios asking for communication records and agreements between the movie studios and HD-DVD and Blu-Ray DVD format representatives. The European Commission appears to be most interested in why movie studios have generally accepted the Blu-ray standard over HD-DVD, wondering "whether improper tactics were used to suppress competition and persuade the studios to back [Sony's] format."
There's no word on what the "improper tactics" might be, but European Commission is likely looking into how and why five studios (Walt Disney, Sony, Twentieth Century Fox, Lions Gate Entertainment, and MGM) decided to back Blu-ray exclusively while only one (NBC Universal Pictures) exclusively backed HD-DVD. They may also be investigating why Blu-ray devices are typically priced much higher than their HD-DVD counterparts.
The Courts

Journal Journal: And You Call This "User Agreement"?

The facts:
I used to play online poker with a very small bankroll in a couple (actually a dozen) online poker room. Then the Italian Government decided, through its "Public games" Agency (AAMS) that only sites submitting some documentation may be considered "safe". that's great news! A surely will exchange the inability to reach the poker room with the nicest interface, if I can be sure the "supported sites" are good (it is: they correspond to real companies, their "random number generator" is actually cheched against some weird malfunction etc..) So, when switching to REAL MONEY (in contrast with Play Money) I selected only 2 sites, that are among tho ones enabled (by the way, there is actually a black list, and all italian provider disable access to the blacklisted sites). One of my favorites is HoldemPoker, where I have an account balance of say 100 bucks (going between 60 and 130), lately rising a bit. Now, without any kind of signal, HP "Merger with", which (guess what!) is among the blacklisted ones. Is that good for anyone?
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Journal Journal: A Matter of Time...

It's just that. Even with a couple of interting task (all open sourced), my close source job is fulfilling my time. Somethng like 11 (eleven) hours a day.
And for the past two days a missed the lunch break.
My new site, Schininà.NET, is in the same stage as of 15th of September.
I'm working for a project on SF for which I recived the support of another developer, but also that project is missing attention from me.
It's just a matter of time...

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