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Journal Journal: My First Journal Topic

Earlier tonight I was watching an episode of touched by an angel, I assume it was a repeat because I do not watch touched by an Angel. Now, not being a touched by an Angel fan I was drawn in simply by the plot of the story, which is a subject that always concerned me. The fact it was in a story whose premise is that Angels have come to the Earth to help people was ignored.

The plot revolved around a teenager that had played a video game very similar to the video game grand theft auto 3, and this video game was the "reason" that this kid went out and ran over a young women on the road. The story then degenerated into showing the game wasnt suitable for teenagers, and that it was wrong to enact violence even virtually.

But, I have come up with a different conclusion as to why teenagers, and even young adults, go out and commit such acts of violence against the world. IT has absolutely nothing to do with video games, nothing at all. It has to do with movies, and the things they can drive you to do. Now I know you are thinking "but movies dont drive people to kill, people drive people to kill" or something like that, and no I am NOT arguing that violent movies drive people to kill.

I am arguing that incredibly BAD movies drive people to kill. In fact, i had the urge to kill tonight, after watching what I consider to be an incredibly bad movie. Now, I do have a bit of back story as to why this movie nearly drove me over the edge. 3 weeks ago I went to go see The HULK, now after that movie I felt that i could have taken a 20 dollar bill, gone to the effort to have it made into individual 1 dollar bills, and then individually burned them with a zippo lighter specifically bought for the occasion and enjoyed myself more.

Now after such a feeble waste of money on a movie (i took someone thus the loss of 20 bucks) I decided this wednesday to go see another movie, perhaps bringing my faith in mankind up a notch, like emeril. Unfortunately I went to go see the move "LXG" or as some might refer to it "League of ExtraOrdinary Gentlemen", Now what this movie lacked wasnt acting, in fact the acting itself was not poorly done. What this movie was missing was "interesting creative direction," I dont know if that is a movie term, but its the best I could come up with. I watched it and was shocked and appalled at how bad the sets were, and the general plots! The movie itself could have been made in the 1890's, now I know they didnt have those moving pictures in the 1890's but if they had, this movie would have been the number 1 grossing picture of all time, sorta like the matrix in the 1990's. Sadly the movie dated itself so bad that the men didnt seem extraordinary at all, and shouldnt have been in a league altogether.

Well, after sucking up the costs of two peices of crap, what finally drove me over the edge was my utter stupidity (which i still claim was caused by watching the previous two movies) to go out with my sisters to go see a movie, all on the promise that "they would pay for their tickets and drinks." Now my momma always said (well maybe i cant rightly remember, i dindnt listen to well as a child) that you shouldnt knock it if its free. Well I did knock it, and it was free. We went to go see a movie called "How to Deal," now just to tell you, you should always research things, this tells you important facts, facts like "dont stick your hand in acid, its bad " and "you shouldnt eat dirt", well I didnt follow such good advice and I went to the movie with them.

Now, normally I wouldnt mind sitting in a room with 30 girls, but it was dark, and I couldnt see anything except the movie screen. I was also the only guy in there, and I wasnt even there with a date, I was their with my sisters. Now my sisters are all right, but I figure they are complete saps for love stories. Sadly I am not. About the only time my interests really have a focused agreement with a feminine group is with lesbians, and niether of my sisters are lesbians so we didnt have a lot of common tonight either.

Just to tell you what was so wrong with the movie "How To Deal" is everything, I watched it and I could predict the things that were going to happen. I had the entire movie plotted out into about three different plot lines, and one of them was on the money. I could not beleive that I wasted teh price of a ticket to come watch this movie, the only thing it had going for it at all was that it wasnt the worst movie I had ever seen. Not only was the plot generic, and bland, they didnt even bother to do it well.

To give you one example of the horrible state this movie was in, every 15 minutes or so some dork doing the audio actually had the boom microphone in the picture. I am completely serious, a fuzzy orange boom microphone just kept popping in and out of the picture, sorta like pacman after he divorced MS. Pacman but couldnt give her up.

The first time I saw the mike, i though perhaps I was smoking the same weed that the grandma in the movie was smoking, and that purhaps I was really tired, and possibly sick.

The second time the microphone bobbed down, i quickly tapped my sisters sholder, in a vain attempt to prove to myself that I wasnt simply seeing things through sheer boredom.

The next few times I heard someone else mention the microphone and I knew that I was ok, and serious medical attention was needed.

Now, by the end of the movie I am feeling none to happy, only to leave the theater simmering, and then to hear my sisters and some of the other female movie goers (did I mention I was the only guy) talking about how good the movie was, and wsant i sweet how things turned out.

This is when i had a near fit of violent rage, I spotted someone on the sidewalk, and felt my hand itching for a crowbar. Only then did I realize why those kids had snapped in Touched by An Angel, it wasnt because they played video games, the damn chick probably went out with one of them to a movie similar to "How To Deal" and could not pass up the opportunity to get revenge.

Thats been my ranting, Buzz OUT.

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