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Journal Journal: Onsight Training. Yes, James Lee rocks.

Wow, that was cool to wake up this morning and read an askslashdot about good places to get training and see Onsight listed! I absolutely think James is the shit. He's the guy who bullied me into learning (and loving) perl. He tought one of my undergrad classes, way back when. He certainly deserves the kudos, but it's cool seeing anonymous strangers on slashdot agreeing.

James Lee and I both work at Onsight (it's his company) and do training. He's more the Perl god and I'm more the security/unix/admin guy. I'm going to be meeting with Puget Sound Technologies up here in the Seattle area to see if we can co-develop some Linux/Security classes out this way as well, and I'll hopefully be teaching a Linux Security class at North Seattle Community College next quarter.

If you're interested in training in Unix/Linux admin, security, or internet technologies or languages, drop us a line.

Ok, enough blather. Let's end on another James Lee note:

Man, can he play a mean game of frisbee...

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Journal Journal: Update: EFF Contributions for Hacking Linux Exposed, 2nd Ed

As you probably know, if you buy Hacking Linux Exposed, Open Source Web Development with LAMP, or Building Linux VPNs, or any other book by following Amazon or Barnes and Noble links from those pages, we donate any kickbacks to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Several folks have asked about how much we've made, so here's an update.

For the 4th quarter of 2002, we raised about $150 in commissions.

Checking our Amazon affiliates account, it looks like about 70 products were ordered on the day this slashdot review was published. I can't see actual monetary amounts until the items are shipped, unfortunately. But based on last quarter's average of $2.78/item, that means we'll be sending about $200 to the EFF for that day alone.

I'm hoping that we'll have another $150 or so from normal 'background noise' purchases for January-March, meaning we'll have given $500 of your money to the EFF.

And, as always, feel free to buy (or not buy) any way you want and send money to the EFF on your own.

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