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Comment Re:No internet? (Score 4, Interesting) 139

A curious choice. But I suppose if they didn't want to go to any effort to future proof the process and just wanted something cheap to go up against those $60 dollar motion activated Genesis knockoffs that CVS tends to carry this time of year... And it's obvious that people buying a Wii Mini aren't going to be focused on the latest and greatest Wii U stuff they want to be promoting on the Nintendo Channel... Still, it's a moderate shame about the Wii Shop and handful of online games.

*ponder* Does the Mini have fixed system memory and no SD Card support now too? I suppose without SD Card support it wouldn't have the save space memory for as many games/downloads either.

Comment Re:Apple did stop innovating in the 1990's (Score 1) 544

-OS X - Not really Apple's big innovation. It was their acquisition of NeXTStep that lead to OS X and the return of Steve Jobs and innovation at Apple.

Even worse, I believe Gil was nearly all ready to slap Macintosh Widgets atop of NeXTSTep and call it a day. I do believe it was Steve again who pushed for tighter integration and the notion of 'Carbon programs' and 'Cocoa programs' and everything looking like the same kind of bright and happy OSX Full featured application.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 520

Along those lines... How close do you think Apple is to already having such a Graphics software package? They've been sparring with Adobe around the edges for a bit with their video programs and such. And just like Microsoft Office and iWork, it's possibly a critical enough area for Apple to have some investment in preserving whether or not Adobe agrees.


Canadian Libraries Want $300,000 To Buy Games 229

AirborneGamer writes "The Toronto Public Library is asking for $300K to build up a collection of video games. They have not said if they will buy all types of games, or leave out the M-rated ones. As the City Councilor of Toronto said about the project, 'It may be the only time a young person comes in. It can act as a magnet to attract people. Once we get them in there, you can be darn sure that our librarians will be hard at work to introduce them to everything else the library can offer.' This is a good plan actually, and besides bringing kids into the library it will bring in parents and or guardians who otherwise may not visit the library on their own."

Submission + - Is 802.1X for real? If so, how do I pull it off?

An anonymous reader writes: I have been asked by management via auditors and regulatory compliance to deploy an 802.1X wired network at my work. This project has been going on for some time and with little success. The biggest problems we have seen is that the native windows supplicant does not work all that well and completely breaks down if you try to RDP in to a machine (which the support desk does all the time). It also has no support for EAP-TTLS/PAP, which we need as our user accounts are stored in Kerberos (MIT's). I have looked at a few other supplicants from Juniper and Cisco, but then stumbled upon XSupplicant from Open1X and read on their email list today that they have released 2.0 for Windows XP. Doing a little bit more reading I found out that this release comes on the heals of the announcement that Aruba Networks and HP Procurve have joined Open1X and the OpenSEA Alliance along with Extreme Networks, Identity Engines, Infoblox,, Symantec, TippingPoint, and Trapeze to further secure network authentication via 802.1X. So with all of these vendors backing XSupplicant, does that mean it is pretty solid? I guess my big questions are, who is deploying 802.1X?, what are people's views of 802.1X? and does it really make the edge of my network more secure or are the auditors just up in the night? Thanks

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