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Journal Journal: Well

I think it's safe to say my journal is 'dead'. :-)
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So I've been moterating and meta-moderating left and right (not sure why they're giving me all these points). It sure as hell better raise my karma!
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Journal Journal: comments!

So, I finally got some action on comments. One got marked 'troll' and is now rated 0, while another is currently rated '3' and marked interesting (and it could go higher)! For those of you who think this journal is boring, it is just a diary of my interactions with slashdot, from a new user's point of view.
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Journal Journal: MOD POINTS!

I got MOD POINTS! Hooray!! I used them very quickly, and accurately (I think). Stupid comments got -1'd, and a great comment got marked 'Interesting'! I love you, SlashdotDOTorg!
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Journal Journal: /.'d

Yay! My Google story got slashdotted :)

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