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Journal Journal: Path3

I never really believed companies would pay people to post on forums, because I couldn't see any reason for them to do it. That said, I can't explain this guy's posts in any other way, and I'm not interested in reading anyone's lame marketing attempts on Slashdot.

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Journal Journal: d3ac0n

3 years later, and I finally felt the need to add someone else thanks to another dumb signature:

ACs are modded -6. I don't read you, I don't mod you, I don't see you. Don't like it? Don't be a coward.

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Journal Journal: BasilBrush

ACs don't bother. You're filtered. I don't even know you're there.

Enough said. There's plenty of tripe being posted by people with accounts, I can never understand why someone choosing anonymity should be ignored.

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Journal Journal: Holy Bible, Batman 2

Added maggard, because of his sig:

I filter Anonymous Cowards: If their words aren't worth so much as a pen name why should I value them any more?

If he attaches so much weight to a made up name, how much weight can he really place on the actual content of comments? Sometimes the right piece of insight is totally unappreciated around here, and some people aren't willing to risk having future posts derided because some crack smoking mod thought they were trolling by supporting a Microsoft decision for once. Others simply don't have accounts created - I know I was browsing slashdot for months before I bothered to set one up. It's hardly valid to say that if they're not willing to log in or create an account, they don't care about their point of view.

Sure, some ACs are totally brain damaged (GNAA or whatever the fuck), but filtering them all out is just ignorant, and if he has that much of a superiority complex over a goddamned slashdot ID, then I don't want to hear what he has to say, slashmod approval or no.

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Journal Journal: First ever fanspastic journal

I can't see myself ever writing in a journal, and I *really* can't see anyone wanting to know what some random git spends his day doing either. So instead I'm going to use this space to record when and why I've added a user to my foes list. Perhaps I might extend it to record things that piss me off in software, so I can refer back to it in the future, as I don't expect the foes list to get very big.

If you're reading this... well, you have my sympathies. It would seem that neither of us have a life :P

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