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Comment Re:They are in such demand (Score 1) 330

The #1 reason cited by MS fanboys is "apple is too expensive for what you get".

In the 1990s, maybe. And that's because Microsoft commoditized the hardware, thereby transferring the PC industry profits to themselves as the only company left in the stack that could still charge a significant margin. Apple lost that war, was forced to switch to the hardware platform that Microsoft commoditized, and now that things are pretty much even on that score, now it's Microsoft that is too expensive for what you get.

Comment Re:Fix Maps, only? (Score 1) 286

Oh, bullshit. Sorry, but a first hand review of "nu-uh, works great!" isn't a meaningful comment. It may not be a troll, but it's not adding anything to the conversation.

So let me get this straight. We know iOS maps suck because we read it somewhere on the internet, not because we have actually used them. And when we talk to someone who has actually used them, their opinion is not adding anything to the conversation. Because everybody knows, comments are not supposed to be used for communicating personal experiences and knowledge, only trolls do that. Please confine all comments to hysterical opinions heard somewhere else.

Okay, got it. Thanks for your input. Keep up the good work keeping the Internet free of bullshit.

Comment Re:Fix Maps, only? (Score 1) 286

The plural of "anecdote" isn't "data." So one guy got lucky with Apple Maps, good for him. There have been a ton of stories - with examples - demonstrating just how large a disaster Apple Maps have been.

Way to miss the point, which was that first-hand reviews that have something nice to say should never be moderated "troll". Look up the meaning of the word. It says a lot about the state of the Slashdot community that (A) this got moderated troll in the first place, and (B) that some people feel a need to defend this moderation.

But since you want more data points, I downloaded iOS6 just to see how much of a colossal clusterfuck Apple maps really were. I was kinda disappointed -- they were actually way better than Google Maps in my area. More accurate, more current satellite imagery, cooler features, better technology, and much lower data usage. I was not able to post any screen caps of ridiculous mapping disasters or otherwise participate in the witch burning, which was kind of a bummer, because I love Internet mobs just as much as the next guy. I even installed the recommended work-around by putting the web-based Google Maps back on my phone, but I don't actually use it because it's kinda sucky by comparison. Count me with the "troll". The maps themselves are pretty fucking good for a 1.0 release, although I'm sure your mileage will vary depending on the data quality in your region.

Comment Re:Fix Maps, only? (Score 4, Informative) 286

Oh dear, Slashdot, look what you've done. You moderated the only nice comment in the entire thread as "Troll". Hundreds and hundreds of comments talking about mapping "disasters", fucking over Microsoft, patent trolling, ass-fucking Google, the unspeakable incompetence of Tim Cook, the creepy toadyism of Elop, and other bits of nasty, bitter, unfocused nerd rage.

And then some guy comes along and says "you know, those apple maps are pretty good, if you, like, actually use them", which may be the only bit of actual first-hand knowledge offered in the entire thread.


Comment Re:Good luck with those new map service. (Score 2) 513

I upgraded just to see what all the maps bitching was all about, and was surprised to discover that the Apple maps were actually quite superior for my area. Google maps actually got street names wrong, where Apple had them right, and the Google satellite views were 3 years old, showing construction zones where Apple showed fully occupied developments. And I'm in Canada where I would have expected them to skimp on data quality for first release.

And the 3D map view with compass turned on is beyond sweet - it's like bird's-eye augmented reality.

Comment Re:Barring? (Score 1) 416

Wouldn't it look bad if a Microsoft employee came to your company to demo a new product, and they whipped-out their Apple Macbook to give the presentation?

If the presentation was on Keynote on OS X, it would look fantastic!

The presentation, that is. Microsoft, not so much.

If it was PowerPoint on Windows 7, it would look like ass. The presentation, that is. But kinda cool for Microsoft. "Look, we are everywhere! Resistance is futile!"

Comment Re:You had me at.. (Score 2, Interesting) 346

So...can we put this cliche to bed now?

Considering how appalling the memory leaks were for YEARS while the moz folks insisted there weren't any problems, it will probably take at least as many years before any of us believe anything they say about memory usage.

I for one, won't believe they have any competence in memory management until I have spent 5 years without having to restart Firefox every other day.

Comment Re:TV will get smart, next tech war in living room (Score 1) 314

It's just a computer with a tv card attached to an HDTV.

No, it's a super-sized iPad. You won't watch channels any more, you'll watch apps. Some apps will be for regular TV channels (eg. NBC, ESPN), some will be for specific shows, some will be for shows you can't get on regular TV (vintage, foreign, etc.), some will be for internet video services like YouTube, some will access your PC's media libraries, and some will have nothing to do with video content (games, email, web, etc.). It will all be controlled by voice (eg. Siri) with iPad, iPod, or iPhone remotes. There will, of course, be an Android version, but it will be all over the place in terms of quality and app completeness, as different set manufacturers try to differentiate from each other.

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