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Journal Journal: GMail Invites

There used to be a time when nobody had gmail, and everybody wanted it. Now everyone who wanted it has it, and I can't find anyone to give these gmail invites to. I currently have 5. If you want one, respond to this with an email address in some form. That's all that's required. The first five (assuming not dupes) will recieve one. The End
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Journal Journal: Want to communicate? Respond here! 1

Sometimes I'll get a response to a comment in a post, or see something interesting, and I'd like to respond to the specific person and to do it in the current conversation would probably get me modded offtopic. To get around this, I typically check their journal and see if there is any way I can respond through that... but most people don't have journals... I didn't either... but I do now for the explicit purpose of allowing people to respond to my comments through my journal.

I am seriously hoping that this isnt up a year from now devoid of any comments. If it is, I will feel like a very sad and pathetic person =)

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