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Journal Journal: KOOL FM

is the worst radio station known to man.
the DJs should all be pissed on. Then shot. Then pissed on again.
Someone tell Avril Lavigne to shut the fuck up.
That is all.
User Journal

Journal Journal: Payday

Know what? I have a bone to pick with certain members of the Linux community.
There's probably a reason that Linux and its' users are seen as undersocialized slobs, homos, and 30 year old virgins. Dudes have you ever thought of looking in the mirror?
What's the deal with the 30yearolds who sit at home and STRIKE AGAINST THE MAN LOLOLO with their "M$" posts? OK I know you guys like your anonymous posting and your rants about Open Source stuff but you're just not making Linux appeal to the target demographic of people who go outside. Shave. Go for a run. Go for a shower! Leave compiling a new Kernel til after supper... move out of your parents' house if you haven't yet.
We need a postergirl for Linux. Yes. Girl. That way Linux is not associated with homosexuality. Cmon, Linux users are not so smart as to not like a little TnA once in a while.
And as for the gay linux community... there's a closet for a reason. I know you like to associate your sexuality with everything but please keep it away from Operating systems. The OS includes the command man mount. That's enough work to convince people that it's not homo.
I got paid today. A phat grand for a week's work. Guess what I'm going to do with it?
If you said COMPILE A KERNEL, please get pissed on, shot and then pissed on again. Kthxbye:D

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