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Journal Journal: The World of Hello World, Google MyMAPS 1

The World of Hello World

A map of programming languages and rough locations in the world where they were created.

Colors correspond to four major epochs:
blue - first languages,
green - establishing paradigms,
yellow - consolidation and modules,
pink - the Internet age.

Created by Bo Majewski on Mar 28,2.416102&spn=0.003022,0.007296&t=h&msid=103763259662194171141.000001119b4bc596127f8&msa=0/
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Journal Journal: Board Games I own

Here is a list of all the board games I own

Chez Geek 1,2,3
Chez GeekGoth
Apples to Apples party pack
Killer bunnies + Yellow,Pink, Stainless steel
Hacker Deluxe Edition
Ninja Burger

Hardware Hacking

Journal Journal: What programs do you use for HW diags 1

I have a system at home that is causing me issues. I just reinstalled and put in all of the updated drivers but I am getting "video out of range" errors in some games, and sometimes the explorere.exe does not start when windows does it has also been known to restart for no reason.

Since I have reinstalled I am thinking it may be Hardware related.

Does any one know of good HDD, Ram diagnostic programs? I can't find anything good. Also if they could be run off a CD that would be best as the system does not have an internal FDD.

I would like to rule out any Hardware before I re-do the reinstall.

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