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Comment Some use of the phone? (Score 4, Insightful) 344

When my phone rings and I'm driving, I'll look at the front of it, to see who is calling. If it's important, I'll park and call them back. If not, I'll wait till I get to my destination. On occasion (city driving), I'll take a moment to turn off the ringer so that I do not encounter subsequent distraction.

It's unfortunate that, even though I do not use a cell phone while driving, I'm still breaking the letter of the law.

Comment Patent age? (Score 1) 148

In TFA, It says:

Imagination has a significant number of GPU patents (they’ve been at this for over 20 years), so developing a GPU that doesn’t infringe on those patents would be difficult to do, especially in the mobile space. Apple couldn’t implement Imagination’s Tile Based Deferred Rendering technique, for example, which has been the heart and soul of their GPU designs.

Since patents only last for 20 years, and the first Tile based PVR was released in 1996...... Why couldn't Apple use Tile Based Deferred Rendering?

Comment Re:More info (Score 1) 237

Thanks for that. Of note:

"a list of account usernames and passwords for network systems and services" -- Not of his coworkers.
"Venzor allegedly used a separate Lucchese network account named elplaser" -- Does not say he created it like the 1st article.

Strange that there is a delta in the information provided by the two articles.

Comment Re:The sexism is the straw the broke the camel's b (Score 2) 179

Uber is currently cheap because they're using VC money to subsidise every ride and making a loss to build up market share.

I've read this several times this year, and I have to say... I don't believe it.

With Uber, I pay for the ride. 80% goes to the driver, 20% goes to Uber. The VC funding is only subsidizing Uber's sophomoric corporate circle-jerk embezzlement-Ponzi scheme.... Not the rides.

With YellowCabs, the customers subsidize the corrupt-political-medalian and regulation embezzlement Ponzi scheme.

I realize I might be splitting hairs here....

Comment Re:You're doing it extremely wrong (Score 1) 805

Rent is usually the biggest expense of a budget. So that's $36K for rent, leaving $124K for every other expenses. Saying it's "pretty bad" to have $10333 left to live after paying rent every month is why people around the world hate Americans. You fuckers are rich and you're still complaining.

Indeed, It appears to come down to a simple choice. Pay $3k for rent and bus/walk to work, or pay $1k for rent and take an hour long train every morning/evening. Some people just don't wanna sit on a train for 2h a day, costing them $24k a year. First world problems.

Comment Re:An allegation has been made. (Score 0) 917

I'm inclined to reserve judgement until an accusation becomes a lawsuit and is litigated

Strange, as a 6'2" fugly hetro alpha male, I'm half tempted to apply for a position in this man's org and ask him if he's DTF in the interview. Then, on the way out of the interview, hug him for a little too long instead of shaking his hand.

Comment Re:Please don't go groveling to him (Score 1) 437

He couldn't care less about you or I or how well we are employed. Neither can anyone else in his administration. Don't fool yourself into thinking that is a good thing. It's not. It's only going to hurt us more and more each day it goes on. It's going to hurt the prestige of the nation. It's going to hurt the economic prospects going forward. It's going to affect each and everyone of us in subtle and not so subtle ways. It already has.

My employers solution to this issue:

Fire all of the US staff and massively expand the branch in India. My last day is Feb 7th after 13 years on the job. Thanx Don!

Comment Media Reminder: (Score 1) 167

Just a reminder,

Expect media outlets whose owners will benefit financially from Tesla's success to report this in a positive light and pimp it hard.

Expect media outlets whose owners will benefit financially from Tesla's failure to report this in a negative light, bury it, or begin advertising sponsored competitor's autopilot as being superior.

Does anyone have a working link to the actual report? It was supposed to be at

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