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Journal Journal: More on the Cray, living space...

Blah... I guess it's looking like the average J90 weighs about a half a ton, depending on how many cabinets are involved. That sounds painful to do anything with.

It also doesn't help that somebody else seems to be coveting the machine. What to do, what to do...

I also have to find a place to live next year. By year, of course, I mean "school year," that interestingly distorted period of time that the school system imprints on us for the first ~20 years or so after we go to kindergarden. Here's the big conondrum: do I want to live with my girlfriend again? I live with her now... but I've heard from people all around me that living with one's significant other is bad.

more later.
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Journal Journal: I want a Cray.

I want a Cray. I want one pretty bad, too. And you know what? I just might get one. Someone (who will remain unnamed until after I get said Cray) is scrapping a 16 CPU Cray J90, and I'm on the receiving end of the scrap. Too cool to be true.

I guess I should figure out how to power such a thing, and how to cool it, and how to MOVE the damn thing, and where to put it... I've got one friend offering to set it up in his server room, provided we figure out how to move it.

But damn, it would feel kinda cool to be able to say honestly, "Yeah, I've got root on a Cray." Wouldn't it? Sure, that's lamer-talk, but maybe I like being a lamer.

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