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Journal Journal: Goodbye old sig

There's something about a sig that makes peeps on /. more recognisable than a nick, hence it seems I have forsaken my old identity and have been reborn. I am becoming someone else in the sense that if ANYONE had the misfortune of reading more than one of my posts, and found who I am was familiar to them, this will no longer hold true.

"I'm not sure what I'm supposed to taste besides pain" was a brilliant line, which, if entered into Google, will return something I laughed out loud at, having undergone a similar story myself on enough occasions for me to earn the label "hoplessly stupid."

The new sig however, reflects an opinion of mine at the stupidity of non-techies, or perhaps the inferiority complex of any techie techie who buys into the whole "Junior/Senior" label.
In my decade of experience in software developement, I have yet to meet anyone for whom either label properly applied to. Some people are more talented, and certainly more experienced and got payed better than others--but on the whole, the label hasn't expressed very well what sort of techie I'm dealing with, as some labelled "Senior" had difficulty changing paradigms, embracing a new technology or even being exceptionally good at putting an old technology to much use, whereas some of those labelled "Junior" wrote code roughly as robust and well-documented as their "Senior" counterparts.
Indeed, catagorizing people into one of two or 3 lables, seems rediculouly dumb, when the gamuts run as far and wide and high as they do. Experience doesn't matter too much when applied to problems inherently different that the one at hand, especially in the context of someone incapable of applying what they've learned to other situaitions.

As I wrestle with all of this, it occurs to me that perhaps what I'm missing is a sense of exterior context. Perhaps it has come to mean marital status, and in much the same way a Miss, becomes a Missus, a Junior Developer has become a Senior Developer, because someone of the opposite sex has found them tolerable enough to commit themselves for the rest of their lives to. That must be it! Now, more than ever, we need to institute legalized gay marriage, so gay techies can be promoted to Senior positions (no pun inteneded), and label themselves as Senior like the rest of us!

Or not.

But the stupidity of the label holds.
So with much elation and no futher ado, I introduce my new sig into ./ as food for thought, drink for enjoyment and as yet another confusing new identity for the masses to cope with.

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