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Comment Re:Wall Street rules (Score 1) 299

How about instead of snark, you contact your senators and representative, and vote for liberals (that's liberals, not Democrats) whenever possible?

Because voting doesn't work. When team blue is just as bad as team red (because they have the same corporate sponsors) voting not only doesn't matter, it legitimizes a broken system.

Comment Re:Passwords (Score 0) 438

Here's the thing: If you're arrested, you go with it until you get your lawyer. You can remain silent, but being argumentative, uncooperative ... is just going to make them view you as an uncooperative troublemaker, and then it's your word against theirs as to whether or not you got that black eye because you shoved a cop or because you just pissed one off. Being disrespectful, resistant, and uncooperative during an arrest will just make the arrest process more difficult.

That's right citizen. When confronted by your masters, always use the properly fawning words. "Sir" should be the first word out of your mouth, and "Sir" the last word out of your mouth. And if it isn't, if you are being "disrespectful, resistant, uncooperative", maybe they'll just give you a black eye. After all, it's your word against theirs.

So remember. The proper position an American Citizen should have when dealing with the police is to quietly assert your rights and hope they don't violate them. Better to live on your knees than die on your feet, right?

Comment Re:Why not 18? (Score 2) 152

It wasn't lost, the people who argued it were militarily beaten. That's hardly the same thing. If I'm anti-abortion, and you are pro-abortion, and I simply shoot you, does that mean "that argument was comprehensively lost"?

Comment Dear god! (Score -1, Troll) 93

Dark matter- God of the gaps. Can't explain something? Dark matter! That magical substance that is everywhere it wants to be, any way you need it to be!

Gravity calculations wrong? Dark matter! What? That's makes other calculations wrong? Dark matter! The more the better!

I'm being sarcastic here, but actually it's because I'm just so jealous. Real scientists can't simply explain things away by using Substance X.

Anything that we can not or have not been able to explain used to be called an act of God. Now, it's an act of dark matter. Hubble proves it!

Comment goodie (Score 1) 305

While that is great for the artist and the chans, it's missing the point. It's a bit like someone breaking into your house, and while you are away to buy new locks, a fire breaks out. "See!", the burglar says, "good thing I broke in, huh?" You do not have permission to steal/post/copy/upload other people's works without their permission. Yes, even if it all works out in the end.

Comment Huh? (Score 1, Troll) 403

Who's "we"? The American people aren't choosing to have the current, unverifiable voting systems in place. They simply have no idea of the alternative, and no power to bring it about even if they did. Frankly, I don't think it matters. The American political system is broken. What does it matter how they count the votes, when those votes mean so little?

Comment Re:Copyright royalties as life insurance (Score 1) 329

When did the establishment of a hereditary leisure class become a social good?

When people realized the alternative was even worse. If you don't allow people to pass on their royalties, why allow them to pass on the business they built? Why not have the law state that upon the death of a company's founder, that company will become a public asset, for the good of the people?

Because it's theft, that's why. Because taking away a man's business is no different than taking away a man's royalties. He's earned it. And he can do whatever he wants with it, from giving it away to charity to giving it to his grandkids. We call that freedom.

What right to you have to tell anybody that they can no longer profit from work that they created?

Comment Worst by far (Score 1) 1397

I was just hired on by a company whose previous admin has the worst naming scheme I ever saw. Everything computer, then a number. Increment from there, no matter the device.

Computer11, Computer12, etc. Get a new printer? Computer13, etc. New server? Computer14, etc. New user? Computer15, etc. Passwords? Computer16, etc.

Comment "intensive reporting" (Score 1) 338

Sure, intensive. Newspapers are going away not because of the technology, but the viewpoint. Readers are tired of reading the exact same viewpoint day after day. Theres no journalistic integrity anymore. No such thing as professional objectivity.

In my local paper, there are eight stories above the fold. One of them is Double murderer to get another chance. Another chance? Thats objective? The whole paper reads like an editorial page.

Its not the technology, its the content.

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