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Journal Journal: Foes, Romans, Countrymen

Someone once asked me why I foe'd them. That was strangely cute/charming.
Unfortunately, I had no idea. Stupidly /. doesn't let you rank your foes, and what's more, doesn't let you keep notes about why you foe'd that person in the first place ("This one's a raging racist/sexist/what-have-you, this one's OK but keeps posting 'jokes' that bore me to tears, this one means well but tends to get his facts wrong, ..."). So, it might be all or any of the above. It could be that I think you're perfectly OK, but your jokes are kinda wasting my time a little, OR, it could mean that I think humanity would be better off without you, and if you were to die screaming with sharp things in your head, I could suspend my natural compassion for a few moments.

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