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Journal Journal: Sitrep

I married her :) Gorgeous, loves me deeply, shares many of my interests, misses me. The job pays well, but is wonky atm. Two cow orkers split. Just me. Looking for new orkers. Copasetic...

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Journal Journal: It's been a while

In fact, this December will have been two years since I found her. It's been fun and exciting and scary and everything I probably would have imagined had I ever stopped to imagine realistically. More to come, I hope :)

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Journal Journal: Whoa...

It's gettin quiet in Slashdot land...

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Journal Journal: First hurricanes, now this!?

Ok, I'm kind of an ass when it comes to trivializing tragedies. How fucking little did I know, when I acknowledged the beginning of the 2005 hurricane season, that I would be hearing reports about TS (possibly growing to hurricane) ZETA on January FUCKING THIRD of 2006?! Schmagger my fucking brieshtrum.

Well, now it's 2006 and there's no turning back!!!

She's pretty pretty...

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Journal Journal: And so Hurricane Season officially starts...

It feels like it just ended, but here we are again. Where I am in Tampa, my power was out for 3 days last season. I've lived in the Tampa Bay area for over 15 years and never has my power been out for any length of time expressable in an integer value of days. But I dont consider myself a wimp by any manner of the term. My car doesnt have AC and I dont really care. 95 degrees is not out of the range of human survivability. So being without power wasn't exactly a life-changing experience. What I do worry about in storms is, duh, my electronics. Over the years in Tampa, a UPS takes a beating, and it just so happens that both my media center UPS and my computer UPS died within a few months of each other last year. Each had had the battery changed once, but they just weren't as capable with the new battery. Maybe the charging components start to wear down. I dont know. But I just went out and grabbed a 500va for my computer and a 350va for the media center, so we're ready to go.

As for the MP3 player, that's kind of taken a back seat to other stuff, but its completion ought to be soon. Happy 4oJ everyone. May God bless America, and may He bless the people in our government who keep claiming through word, but not through deed, to seek His wisdom.

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Journal Journal: MP3 player!

MP3s, MP3s... I have some on my main home computer, some on my home media PC, some on my office computer, and some on an office server.

Well, I finally broke down and got a portable mp3 player. None of this memory crap either. I want all my music in one place. So I ebayed a 40-gigger for $150. It's an Archos system. A couple of my friends have Archos(es?) and they enjoy them. So here goes. :) Will be nice to have all my music at my fingertips everywhere. I've got SO MUCH!

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Journal Journal: My new world...

My new world was spinning me around
And this is all that i've found
My new world was spinning me around
And time can be my enemy
My new world was spinning me ...

Now she's a loner, now she's a stoner, no one can touch her ...

Out in the fields we met in the summer
On a poetic island no past to recall
Breaking like waves we flooded the moment
Laughing at the perfectness of it all

My new world waits patiently
When living is lost in a memory
My new world is ahead of me
But sometimes I'm back where I used to be ...

- Ex. from My New World by Transatlantic

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