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Journal Journal: Eisner Experiments

Note: keen observations of morphology can be very telling about the behaviour of the animal. Always ask why.

Journal Journal: Eisner Experiments

A neat trick would be to photo graph with camera set at a high shutter spead the ejection of formic acid from an ant mound.

Journal Journal: Eisner Experiments

An idea for collecting insects... Use catheridin bait Check to see if this stuff can be purchased at chemstores or collect blister beetles from somewhere (maybe even while in the field in Tanzania) and collect fluid with capillary tube. Best option is to obtain crystals from somewhere.
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Journal Journal: J. H. Comstock

Submitted my nomination package for the J. H. Comstock Award today to ESA J. H. Comstock was a famous entomologist who completed a lot of groundbreaking work.

Journal Journal: Do not call list

Voted against the proposal to open the national do-not-call list. Why would I want pre-recorded phone calls clogging up my answering machine?

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