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Journal Journal: US/France Relations and Software 1

I recently sent a letter to MandrakeSoft:
Dear Sir:

      I run a small webhosting company in Houston, Texas, USA. My current
primary servers are running Mandrake 9.0 (see URL at bottom of email).
I am quite happy with Mandrake, I've used it for my desktop since 8.0
and am currently using 9.1 on my desktops and laptops. I purchaed box
sets of Mandrake 8.0 and Mandrake 9.0. I truly believe that
Mandrake-Linux is the BEST hope for Linux to make headway into the
desktop market.

      That said, I have a problem. I am an American. Moreover, I am a
patriotic American and a 'die-hard' Texan. France and the United
States have had problems in the past, but never anything that I
consider 'serious'. However, the current situation leads me to believe
that I CANNOT, in good conscience, continue to support a company that
is based in France.

      I understand that a large number of people do not understand the
American mindset. I would like to take a moment to explain...

      Americans are quite happy to be left alone and to generally ignore the
rest of the world. While this may not be the right attitude for the
largest economic and military power in the world, it IS a fact (we
believe that if a nation wishes to be like us, that's fine, we did it;
So can they). We are VERY individualistic; we believe that our
(individual, not collective) opinion IS THE RIGHT ONE. We also
generally believe that personal freedom and self-determination is, not
only the finest, but also the most productive environment to exist
(history generally confirms this, we are among the youngest nations).
When another nation threatens our peace (and/or our citezenry), we CAN
NOT, nor should we be expected to, allow the threat to continue. As I
do not believe it to be our right or duty to deliver freedom to nations
around the world who do not wish to take it themselves, I do believe
that, when it is necessary to remove a threat to our nation, to take
the extra step to give them the freedom we have here (what they do with
that freedom is NOT our problem until they threaten our security

      Those in France may not understand why some Americans have displayed
such distaste for recent governemt policies. Germany, Russia, and
China (the other major opponents to the dealings with Iraq) have not
generally been allies of the United States. France has. While we have
not always seen 'eye-to-eye' with France, they have not actively tried
to subvert the United States's attempts to maintain its security.

      Ok, rant over.

      I am currently configuring by backup servers to operate under RedHat.
As I stated, from a technical standpoint, I prefer Mandrake, however I
will revert to RedHat in order to discontinue support to a nation that
I feel has stabbed me personally in the back.

      I would appreciate a response from the Mandrake Team reguarding this
'delima'. Is there any reason to continue supporting MandrakeSoft?
Does MandrakeSoft agree with France's government concerning the war in

      I look forward to your response.

                                                                      --Robert West, Owner/Administrator


If anyone sees this, let me know what your think.

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Journal Journal: American Corporations

I'd like to take a moment to say a few things about a recent thread (here).

Some folks tend to not understand the fundamental difference between 'Business' and 'Individuals'. A business has no conscience, no morals, no beliefs. It's sole purpose in existance is to generate profit. This is what makes capitalism work.

Individuals, on the other hand, do have a sense of right and wrong (most of them, at any rate) and it is up to them, NOT government intervention, to control a business's behaviour. In some instances, when a business's drive for profit endangers the welfare of the individual, they (the individuals) may deem it necessary for government to set limits. Examples of this 'proper' intervention would include; child labor laws, environmental regulations, and minimum wages.

As Americans we tend to project our laws and rights onto the citizens of other countries. Not all nation's citizens are as free as ours. Our government's responsibility to protect the welfare of individuals is and should be limited to it's own citizenry. Therefore our government's intervention is not justified in protecting another nation's citizens.

That is not to say that if individuals (citizens of our country) believe that a business should act a certain way, they don't have any recourse. The solution is simple: Don't give that business your money. Remember that profit is the sole motivation for business. If a business loses money because of it's actions, IT WILL CEASE THOSE ACTIONS.

Unfortunately, these days people don't wish to bother themselves with action, they just want to bitch and call for another law to be passed.

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Journal Journal: more than 24 hrs in a day...

There aren't near enough hours in a day. I mean, I don't sleep much as it is. How do you find enough time to learn C++ (trying to graduate from C), do the housework (i no longer have a wife to do it), pay bills, fix a co-worker's computer for him, ... oh and still go to work. Shit, it's driving me nuts. I've got 3 websites i'm trying to keep up with, a couple of oss projects i'm working on, a couple of robotics/electronics projects going...oh, and I gotta get the oil changed in my Jeep. FUCK!!

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