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Journal Journal: The Kludge

[Taken from the reply The Sky is not Falling , from the Slashdot article What If Dark Matter Really Doesn't Exist? ]

There's nothing wrong with a kludge, aesthetics aside. Every evolving line of discovery needs it's necessarily flimsy connectors of reason. It's only when we allow our pride/ignorance/greed etc. to deny that the kludge is just a kludge: this is where mistakes are made, and thus we fail to evolve.

The fact that the universe may not boil down to 3 categories of matter is not earth-shattering. If we discover something to the contrary we must look at it plainly.

The problem with kludges is that it's only a kludge when it's a theory that is revealed to be inherently flawed. Before this realisation, it's just the best theory we have at our disposal. Just because something is revealed to be inelegant doesn't mean it wasn't serviceable, or simply the limit of our reason at the time it was presented.


Journal Journal: How to get customised colour fonts in Konsole

So, you want to trick-out Konsole so that no one will ever think you're using a stock Schema, eh?

Well, you'll find you can change all the colours, transparencies, etc., however how one customises the font colour is a bit of a mystery...UNTIL NOW!

1. Customise and save a good schema (albeit without the font colour you want) and save it.

2. Go in your personal directory (~/.kde/share/apps/konsole/) where said schema is saved (let's call it 'me.schema').

3. Open said schema with whatever flavour of text editor you use.

4. Look for the following lines:

# note that the default background color is flagged
# to become transparent when an image is present.

# slot transparent bold
# | red grn blu | |
# V V--color--V V V
color 0 119 123 110 0 0 # 0 - Foreground Colour

This first line ("slot" 0) determines your font colour in Konsole.

5. Using whatever colour-chooser you prefer (KColourChooser, albeit a terribly contrived name, is a good one), find a good colour and simply copy the RGB info to the *.schema file.

6. Save the schema file, and you are now on your way to freedom, riches, and rewarding friendships.



Journal Journal: A disregard for objectivity

Linux has problems - yes. Frustratingly, many are not specific to Linux per se, but rather what happens in the creation of a 'distro' (a modern-day Utopia, I feel, and just as unattainable).

However, one has to step back and see that the writer is a victim of a market, virtually monopolised by a well-marketed OS with the complicit partnership of many hardware manufacturers, still ravaged by it's own demise.

In time, I see no serious hardware manufacturer avoiding Linux, if only because - logically and naturally - competition in any system is vital to it's survival.

[from Linux's Achilles Heel Apparently Revealed ]

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