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Comment /. is now a Party Apparatus (Score -1, Flamebait) 522


"After all, the sequester is just one-half of 1 percent of GDP. It amounts to 1.4cents on the dollar of nondefense spending, 2 cents overall." Even with it, this year's expenditures are still more than was spent on last year's federal budget. A possible 5% reduction in discretionary spending after a 14% increase since 2008 will surely mean calamity: parents will be eating their children, Westboro Baptist and the KKK will merge, we'll finally know what the definition of is is, etc.

They told me if I voted for Romney, we'd see an administration that threatens journalists like Bob Woodward, and they were right!


Comment Re:More importantly (Score 2) 335

>More importantly, lets have a study regarding the effects of the united states having troops in nearly every country on earth


We have troops in 25 countries (not counting territories), not "nearly ever country on earth."

>being involved in at least 3 wars simultaneously

lol wut?

>US military glamorizing their profession through television and news adds.

You're right. They shouldn't advertise. The gubmint should make service mandatory. This would only be a bad thing when those republicans are in office though.

>stop putting rifles into the hands of teenagers

The average age for most military personnel is nearly 30. http://www.statisticbrain.com/demographics-of-active-duty-u-s-military/

>sending them into 3rd world countries to "keep the peace"

The largest number of troops are stationed in first world Europe, South Korea and Japan.

You're reasoning isn't consistent but at least you're conformist rebel attitude is.

Comment Oh the Irony (Score 1) 444

The first is that the Goracle accepts $100,000,000 of dirty oil money. The second is they closed the deal before the end of the year to avoid higher taxes. I thought democrats wanted higher taxes on the wealthy?

Again, nothing wrong with a muslim, foreign nation's state owned media apparatus broadcasting into other nations. Could you imagine the outcry if the CBN bought the BBC?

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