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Journal Journal: More on Corrupt.

Another "Anti-Globalism" article hit the front page over the weekend, which meant another front page link to the neo-fascist corrupt.org.

Corrupt and its sister sites (anus.com, anarchy.net, etc.) appear to be following in the footsteps of people like of Bill White. Lacking evidence, I'll stop short of claiming a direct link between White and corrupt.org, but it fits the pattern.

the so-called "third position" that
Bill White supposedly represents can't be said to be an authentic third
position; that rather than being an alternative both to the right and left,
it represents more of an argumentative style being developed by independent
individuals on the right for the benefit of the traditional fascist right
against the left. For this reason, despite Bill White's apparent
organizational and ideological independance from the neo-Nazi movement, he
should be seen and treated as an integral part of their scene.

More generally, we would argue that third positionists can only be
understood in the context of providing external guidance and building
broader support for the neo-fascists. America is full of millions of people
who feel a deep dissatisfaction with their lives and a longing for some
kind of radical change, but at the same time are infected with the racism,
the uptight patriarchal attitudes, and the need to respect leaders and
authority that come out of the economic and psychological insecurity of
their lives. Plus, these are people who for the most part instinctively
reject the swastika or the KKK. People like Bill White or Troy Southgate
see this situation and are offering their services to the organized
racists, to help create propaganda which can draw these masses of undecided
people into at least passively supporting the efforts of white supremacist

I'll post more if I find anything interesting.

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