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Submission + - SPAM: Growing nano pine trees in Wisconsin

Roland Piquepaille writes: "University of Wisconsin-Madison chemists have accidentally created nano pine trees with trunks and branches. As said the lead researcher, 'At the beginning we saw just a couple of trees, and we said, 'What the heck is going on here?' They were so curious.' In fact, this could lead to an entirely different way of growing nanowires. The researchers think that it will give them 'powerful means to create new and better nanomaterials for all sorts of applications, including high-performance integrated circuits, biosensors, solar cells, LEDs and lasers.' But read more for additional references and a photo of one of these nano pine trees."

Submission + - Move Evidence for Water on Mars

An anonymous reader writes: An orbiting spacecraft has sent back new evidence for the presence of water on Mars. Scientists long have debated whether water flowed on the red planet, with evidence increasing in recent years. The presence of water would raise the possibility of at least primitive life forms existing there. Images from a camera aboard NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter show alternating layers of dark- and light-toned rock in a giant rift valley.

Submission + - Recipe for delicious package management

gbedin writes: Mayank Sharma GoboLinux package management review at Linux.com.

GoboLinux is a unique distribution in many ways. It's built from scratch following the Linux From Scratch procedure and uses custom boot scripts, personalized directory structure, and a simple yet comprehensive source-based dependency-resolving package management system.

GoboLinux is perhaps best known for its alternate filesystem hierarchy. Unlike Linux's traditional Filesystem hierarchy, where a program has bits and pieces scattered in several places like /etc, /usr/bin, and /usr/share, each program gets its own directory tree under GoboLinux.

Needless to say, this type of hierarchy aids in package management. Users can install and use multiple versions of the same program or system libraries. In fact, when GoboLinux switched over to the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) version 3, they still kept older programs running since the filesystem allows for multiple libraries to exist together in peace. Also, uninstallation is just a matter of removing the program directory.

But how does one install applications under such a radical directory structure?

Submission + - 14 Hp's Secrets Spilled by Ex-Employee

da5idnetlimit.com writes: The Consumerist reports on an Ex Hp Emplyoee that felt compelled to reveal some truth about HP, truths the company considers trade secrets...
In this Fine Article, you'll learn why your El Cheapo HP Ink Printers tend to self destruct after a set page count, that there is a way to actually speak to a human when calling support, and also that it is standard policy to hang up on customers threatening to sue...
It's at this point that I want to remind you that HP's motto is "Actions speak louder than words", and seing from the article, HP really is the Bastard Manufacturer From Hell I always thought it is...

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