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Comment Re:Honest Thought: Free Speech + No Platform = ? (Score 1) 369

Simple. Speech =/= Internet hosting.

Speech literally costs nothing. Get up on your soapbox and rant all day (or at least until the cops drag you away for disturbing the peace). Anything other than your own hot air, you have to pay for, which means you have to get people to sell to you, which has never been guaranteed. Why do you think so many unpopular opinions were circulated by handwritten pamphlets long after Gutenberg?

Comment Re:Atheism (Score 1) 539

As the bowl of petunias said, "Oh no, not again."

Nice try at shifting the burden of proof. How times have theists tried it? It must be into the millions by now.

Atheism is from the Greek prefix 'a-' = without, and 'theos' = god, in other words the absence of theism.

Atheism is simply the absence of (theological) belief. It is not up to atheists or anyone else to prove a null hypothesis; it is up to theists or those proposing a hypothesis, to provide proof.

Not that we're holding our breath waiting for it.

Comment Re:True by definition (Score 1) 137

I would LOVE TO uninstall Facebook from my phone! I've never had, nor wanted, a Facebook account.

But do you think the faceless bastards at Facebook/Google/LG/AT&T/whoever infected my phone with this crap will LET me uninstall it? Hell, no! That would be too sensible and respectful of the owner's choices!

The best I can do with this evil waste of my hardware/storage/etc is to disable it, revoke all its permissions, and stop it from updating itself. Nice one, corporate drones. You're pointlessly using my storage and definitely pissing me off, with (to the very best of my ability) no benefit at all to yourselves. *golf clap*

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