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Comment Samsung Gear? Google Cardboard is a better IMO (Score 1) 141

I got a Samsung Gear, and I have no idea what to do with it. It seems to be some locked-in sort of bullshit thing with lame videos of crap I could care less about. Then it stops working after ten minutes, and tells me it's too hot. Hell, I could hardly hold my phone in my hand, not good for the battery that can't be removed! I originally bought it for my DJI Mavic for FPV since those lame ducks haven't produced the googles they said they would, but that requires a USB cable to the transmitter, and the Gear VR has a USB connector built-in and making life hell for me. SO.... I cut a groove in the clip opposite the stupid USB connector, and fly with my phone upside down, which automatically rights itself, of course. Google Cardboard is a better investment IMO.

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