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Journal Journal: Randomness

Sheesh, I should be finishing a report I was assigned in school but I can't think of anything quite intelligent to write right now.

At the moment I'm listening to a morning show on, it's one of my favourite radio stations here in Finland.

In 20 minutes I'd be off to school. It's dark outside, it's going to be dark outside for another couple of hours. I'm tired and wouldn't want to go, but one's gotta study they say.. Seems it really isn't worth it, since after all, when you are almost 30 and been on and off jobs it kinda gets to you...

English isn't my best language in the morning.

I'll be back with more randomness...


Journal Journal: The Ideology

I've been using GNU/Linux since 1993, have not yet used a MS Windows on my computers. I once did install Chicago and it seemed like nice, but after 95 was released I was quite disappointed with the performance and after all, I had already found Linux.

I am just wondering, after ten years of using GNU/Linux, I still can't see e.g. schools or governmental facilities in Finland adopting it although the government and many counties in Finland have already opted switching two or so years ago. Must be MS has paid someone?

Enough blathering, I'm just too lazy writing diaries like this.. Someday I'll tell you all (whoever is interested) of my grand dream involving Free Software.

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Journal Journal: something

Hmm, I'm haven't written much.. ;) Let's see if I can change it some day...

United States

Journal Journal: The land of the free...

Pledge of Allegiance: One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all... ...except some.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Me and my journal, blog, whatever...

Decided to write down something, not very promising start though.. OK, I managed to ruin my Karma ratings somehow I wouldn't know nor would I even care anyhow.

What's my point?

Nothing I guess.. suppose nobody is interested anyway, no matter what I'll write. Yeah well, some might think I am whining but I am not, that's the way I am, the invisible one. Yet still if you listen very hard, you might still hear me in the wind.

I am your friend, always.

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