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Journal Journal: Thank You!!! 1

To whoever modded up my "mirror" to Insightful!!! It's about time I got credit for my hard work. And don't worry I've been modding up you guys as well when I have the chance too!!
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Journal Journal: Wow. People are listening!! 5

I'm actually getting modded up!! i've been modding up Trolls as well! real trolls NOT PAGE WIDENING A**HOLES!!.

I think my recent moderation may have something to do with my very funny (IMHO) "here is a mirror" Troll..............

Not to brag but it's funny!!! and should be "troll of the year" if there was such a thing...........

Carry on....

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Journal Journal: Fix the damn page widening bug!!!! 3

Really? is it that much of a problem to do?? Shit it almost makes Trolling and AC's not worth it anymore. I've heard that other sites using slashcode have fixed it WHY WON'T YOU TACO????? At least most trolls are fun! but page widening is just a piss off. I'm starting an online petition as soon as upgrades their servers and lets you register new accounts again. PS I never see it because I'm using Mozilla but I know it cuts down on the amount of people seeing my wonderful and informative posts!
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Journal Journal: MOD trolls up! 9

Now I know almost everyone of us has a "normal" account that we get to mod with once in a while. Well do what I have started to do: Mod up Trolls!! Face it trolls are funny, insightful, informative and deserve to be modded up accordingly!! Please mod up a troll!!! let all the +2 people see what it's all about! Moderation sucks ass on this site if someone doesn't agree with the rest of slashdot they get modded to flamebait or Troll. It's also fun to mod very in depth insightful posts down to troll as well.....lmao when you dothis, they reply and start flaming and bitching that they were unfairly modded so they get modded down again for bitching about it! It's great fun, try it. You'll like it I'm sure.

oh and karma whores are fun to mod down too

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