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Journal Journal: Slashdot EeziPost (TM) MK I

Slashdot EeziPost (TM) MK I

[ ] Another: [ ] Dupe [X] Slashvertisment [X] WTF [ ] $editor is a dork

[X] Frist psot [ ] link to GNAA [ ] Link to goatse [ ] $random_drivel

[X] I Haven't RTFA, but... $random_opinionated_comment

[ ] Slashdotted already!. I bet their server runs on $topic_item too

[ ] Soul_sucking registration required

[ ] Mod Parent [ ] up [ ] Down

[ ] Fsck: [ ] SCO [ ] Micro$oft [ ] DMCA [ ] DRM [ ] MPAA [ ] RIAA [ ] Google [ ] Bush [ ] You all

[ ] I for one welcome our new $topic_item overlords

[X] Imagine a beowulf cluster of those

[ ] In Soviet Russia, $topic_item owns you!

[ ] Meh!

[ ] Netcraft confirms $topic_item is: [ ] dead [ ] dying

[ ] But have the inventors thought of what will happen if $random_amateur_insight

[ ] Once again the USA is clamping down on my [ ] Amendment rights.

[ ] You insensitive clod

[ ] But people who download music from P2P networks are more likely to buy the album

[ ] Cue DVD Jon-type crack in 3..2..1

[ ] Torrent, anyone?

[ ] Here's a link to a patch: $random_linux_distro_url

[ ] Profit!!

[X] Still no cure for cancer
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Journal Journal: Post of death 1

See this journal post:

Update (5/28/03): The information in this journal is outdated and no longer reflects the state of Slashcode; this journal remains as a historical record but is no longer accurate.
Quite a few of you are aware of the existence of this post which has currently been moderated over 700 times. Many of you are also aware of this discussion created by CmdrTaco for users to have a META discussion about topics on Slashdot.

Few, however, are aware of what is happening to the people who moderated up the post in question. They are being systematically banned from Moderating and Metamoderating. Every last one of them. The phrase "being $rtbl'd" refers to the tripping of a silent flag called "$rtbl" in a user's Slashdot account record which removes that user's ability to Moderate and Metamoderate.

Finding out whether you've been $rtbl'd is possible. Here's how. If you are allowed to Metamoderate, you will be given the option to Metamoderate at the top of your browser every day. After you Metamod, the dialog will go away till the next day. If you are $rtbl'd, the dialog will go away and never come back. It's that simple.

I've opened this journal up for comments. I'd like to hear from anyone who moderated up The Post, on whether or not you've lost moderation priveleges. So far every single respondent has indicated that their moderation priveleges are gone. No response has been received from anyone about this either.

I'd also like to hear from the Slashdot audience: do you believe that this action is fair or unfair?


Update: 1/28/2002. At this point, the fact that every moderator who moderated up the post in question has been banned from the moderation system is no longer in doubt. Every single person who has replied in this discussion has confirmed their loss of moderation privleges. Repeated requests to the editors in the Slashdot META thread for confirmation of this fact as well as repeated requests via email for confirmation have all gone ignored. The message appears to be that moderators will be banned for moderating posts like these up, and the Editors don't want to talk about it. This is their right - and I'm content to continue to discuss it in my journal. On topic.
Update: 1/30/2002 I'd like to invite anyone interested in the topic of Moderator banning to read my research paper on the subject, which addresses such questions as the percentage of banned moderators on Slashdot (appx. 5 to 18%), as well as the motivations and impacts of removing users from the voting pool. In the absence of any word from folks, this paper stands as the definitive work on Slashdot Moderator bans. Remember, Metamoderation confirms that Editors moderate fairly, but only people who haven't been blacklisted get a vote..

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Journal Journal: Mac Mini Mayhem

Slashdot on this day in history have just re-posted a story from 2 days about the apple imac mini. Now this is different than the other double posted stories beacuse we are witnessing a new trend, people are slogging them in the comments!

Here are some good ones:

  In other news (Score:5, Funny)
by pnevin (168332) * on Friday January 14, @12:04AM (#11347331)
We're getting unconfirmed rumours that President Kennedy's been shot. Can anyone clarify this?
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  Lightening reactions... (Score:5, Funny)
by Nexum (516661) on Friday January 14, @12:02AM (#11347314) ... in other news Microsoft unveils next generation Windows operating system... ""Windows XP".

This sig has been deprecated.
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  Re:Would make a nice Amiga OS4 box! (Score:4, Funny)
by DrWhizBang (5333) on Friday January 14, @12:36AM (#11347632)
( | Last Journal: Saturday April 03, @03:20AM) ...there must only be one or two nails left before the Amigas coffin is finally sealed shut.

Dude, the Amiga has already been buried at sea. And the slashdot editors were there to deliver the eulogy - twice.

What exactly is the point of war if people don't die?
- pclminion, on robot soldiers
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Role Playing (Games)

Journal Journal: Anarachy Online 1 Year Free Play

Anarchy Online have annouced that you will be able to play for free provided that you register for a free account prior to January 15th 2004 (Further inspection of the site shows that your free play will only last until 1/1/2006)

Not only this but Funcom is departing from the obligatory need to register with a credit card, making for an easier entrance and registration process.

"We feel very confident in the unique features and heralded qualities of our game, and are now openly inviting everyone playing MMO's to find out what Anarchy Online is all about, completely free of commitment" said Ole Schreiner, Project Director for Anarchy Online. "Not only can we boast of a fantastic game which has been expanding for years, we are also constantly adding exciting new content, progressively making the ultimate sci-fi MMORPG even better."

Register a free account
Download the free full version of Anarchy Online [Torrent]
Here is the link if you want to download the client at faster than 0kb/s

Journal Journal: First Post! Positive Karma! Meta-Moderation! w00t!

w00t I got first post on
Also got first post on
I also got a Score 5 Informative on
pushing my Karma from Bad to Positive, I just meta-moderated! w00t!

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