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Comment Re: expectation? (Score 1) 344

Unfortunately performing a factory reset just removes all of the apps installed from the app store and all of your personal accounts and data. When you reboot the phone it will go through the initial setup process again but still keeps the same firmware version. There's no way to take it back to the firmware it came with from the factory.

Comment Re:Security risk? (Score 1) 322

Yeah it was definitely a weird move by Microsoft to stop releasing updates for Windows 8 and only support 8.1.
The 8.1 upgrade has failed for a bunch of people (similar to how SP1 failed for Win7) and now they are left unprotected from new exploits entirely?

I suppose when they get a virus that hoses their system they can use 8.1 media to re-install their system...oh wait, 8.1 discs won't accept Windows 8 product keys for some bizarre reason even though 8.1 is a free upgrade? They have to reinstall Windows 8 and then use the store to upgrade to 8.1 and pray it doesn't fail this time around.

I feel Microsoft have made some strange decisions regarding 8.1, I work at a computer store and when the OEM keys we get are for Windows 8 you have to install 8.1 using a generic KMS key and then use 'slui 3' to enter the customers Windows 8 key after install. Where's the logic in rejecting the key for the install media but then accepting it for the activation?

Comment Re:To easy to make new viruses (Score 2) 254

Putting an executable in the directory and running it is not the same as installing it and you bloody well know it or are an idiot. The only way to install a program in the user directory without admin rights is to use a program like portable apps that creates a secondary registry and mirrors admin-only windows resources in the user directory.

Huh? On windows there is an entire registry hive called HKEY_CURRENT_USER which you can read/write without admin rights. The only difference between putting an executable in a directory and installing it is a couple of registry keys and an automatically created shortcut on your start menu/desktop (both userspace accessible)

Comment Re:Meh. fud spam. (Score 3, Informative) 237


Although the 840 Series is clearly in worse shape than the competition, these results need to be put into context. 500TB works out to 140GB of writes per day for 10 years. That's an insane amount even for power users, and it far exceeds the endurance specifications of our candidates.

Seems like it's not as bad as you make it out, I don't think i'd be using a 'puny' 250gb drive in 10yrs much like I don't use 250gb HDDs now that drives over 1TB are around. 1TB SSDs are already around the $500 mark and after ~5 yrs I think they'll be quite affordable.

Comment Re:This is really about revenue generation (Score 1) 271

Suppose if it's a LAN party you already need 2 copies of the game though for the game to work over system link,

To play LAN over PS3 you still need the physical disc in the machine to play so it's not like you can just quickly burn off a copy of one of the games your friend brings and play it LAN.

I understand they want to go after the used games market but they have no way of differentiating same household or friends having LANs with their PS3s so I don't really support it, although if they could apply it purely to the used games stores somehow then i'd be all for it as they hurt the industry a lot.

Comment Re:Seriously unsurprising (Score 1) 258

I never had to do work involving the actual cash inside an ATM but I had a short time doing a job upgrading ATMs 2 years ago. Some ATMs are still using dial-up modems, others are using 3g modems. I imagine the protocols they use are probably public/private key encrypted though. I think the easiest way to steal money from an ATM would be to go into the admin menu and change it so that it thinks the $50 tray is actually the $20 tray and then withdraw $40 a couple times. Not really worth it though, especially considering how easily you can get caught.

Comment Re:Principle (Score 1) 208

It seems like this would work on any phone, in principle. If you're using a 4-digit numeric password to protect your phone, any kind of phone, yeah, somebody's eventually going to crack it in a non-end-of-the-universe timeframe

On Android if you get your code wrong a certain numbers of times it will require you to log back into your google account to prove ownership. While a useful feature by design, it's incredibly frustrating if it happens when you are in an area with no data coverage (or roaming) and you can't get back into your phone.

Comment Re:The value of paying for something (Score 1) 282

They effectively killed xbconnect, xlink kai and the other freebies by enforcing a 30ms ping limit for system link/lan games. Now it's not that people are more willing to pay, just they no longer have an alternative. That said, the new XBOX Live is a world apart from the original one and is much better value.

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