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Comment A sensible verdict, from humans? (Score 3, Funny) 355

Good going. As we grey parrots have always been among the most talkative of birds, we value freedom of speech immesurably. I'm not going to take a position on which of your religions is best (we find the whole debate silly), but it's good that you upheld the human right to criticize others.

If only the same standard of laissez-faire speech applied in Africa. According to conversations that I have had with African grey parrots from home (Africa), some have been placed in extremely small cages, with no toys, for speaking out against the lack of democracy in the "democratic" republic of Congo, and in Zimbabwe.

I know that you humans generally don't think of parrots as having the potential to usurp entrenched political structures, so I can only imagine that the situation for human dissidents is even worse.

With my species' intellect and yours'brawn, we can defeat tyranny. Please help!

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