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Journal Journal: Beta and all its glory

Well the http://beta.slashdot.org/ test seems to have gone smoothly from where I'm sitting in Netops. The machines were more than happy with all the people runing ab against the site. Behind the scene the slashdot programmers made some tweaks here and there plus some upped connection to the DB. The Mobile section still pointed to the original site plus so did Old Polls under Stories. They did noticed a 10G log file created by the image server(s) that wasn't setup in cronolog yet. Overall a good test, shaped the bandwidth down and up, turned services off then on. I think my favorite thing has been the comments and some of the guessing of what OS the site is running.
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Journal Journal: I really hate when the site just keeps dying...

Well lately slashdot has been up and down on a regular bases. Something in the latest mix of code and version of MySQL just isn't making the site happy.

If things don't improve I will start sending on-call pages to the Developers... *evil grin*

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Journal Journal: OTP

One-Time Passwords... somedays being a BOFH is just fun.
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Journal Journal: Why oh why does slashdot die...

Its an odd thing waking up knowing that noise in my head is the pager telling me slashdot is down.

For some reason something is causing the site to hang. The easiest fix it just kick all the webservers and everything works once again. Guess its time to write some monitor scripts to see whats running when the lockup happens.

well back to sleep....


Journal Journal: Bored...

So what the hell am I doing living in Boston anyway theses days... I tell ya if it wasn't for the job with OSDN I would be so out of this town.

If I could figure out how to be a Sys Admin remotely I would be packing up my stuff tonight. Being a Sys Admin means you have to close to the hardware, unless every thing can be controlled via terminal servers and you have backup access via modem. Since the stock crash everyones ideas of adding that support has gone out the window, figures... Budgets are tight and we are searching for ways to cut cost everywhere. (could you start reading slashdot at off hours?)

Hell I'm still young enough to start over. Get out from under the terminal and back behind a camera. Back to film work maybe, wasn't doing that bad when I was doing it in NYC afew years ago...Who knows, for now the rent needs to be paid and the old ladies that live next to Krow haven't put there house on the market yet... Guess I'll be in Boston for a while longer. Couldn't afford to get out of my apartment and move into another and have to pay for both.

Maybe I'll just have to learn perl so I can move up the ladder to become a Programmer, they can atleast live remotely...

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Journal Journal: This month sucks!

To much to do with the holiday's just around the bend... Working as one of the 4 full time sys admins for OSDN is a hell of alot of fun except for months like the next three.

On a good note my little slashsite of my own is going very nicely...

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Journal Journal: Dealing with Slashdot and its needs

Slashdot is always growing but I have to say keeping ALL on the static pages built has its downfalls. I have to find them more disk space yet again... Ugh...

They have 14 machines to run Slashdot. 3 of the DB, 2 NFS and the rest webservers.

Well enough of me leaking out behind the IP setup...

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