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Submission + - National E-security Awareness Week 2009 in AU

AShocka writes: "It's National E-security Awareness Week 2009 in Australia, and I attended a free seminar in our regional town yesterday. This presentation was by a security specialist and was aimed at advising business and individuals about E-Security. There was good coverage of topics such as identity theft, phishing, scams, network security, wireless security. But I was very surprised that there were some omissions of what I would consider basics that should be addressed. I think a basic problem is that users do not want to have to learn about all the above. Most people are not interested in how to be digitally smart. They just want a computer system that is easy to use, safe, and works. What really surprised me is the presenter didn't go through some of what I would consider as basics to implement on any system one is trying to secure. Like allocating a special Admin account and running all the user accounts without admin privileges (to install and run programs). The presenter agreed this was good practice, but it didn't seem to be on his essential todo list. What also stunned me was he felt that a Windows XP box with service pack 3 installed was basically secure. There was also no mention in his presentation of which browsers to choose and how to configure them for safe browsing. The aim of such a presentation I think is to help inform the end user and assist them to uncomplicate these issues and reduce how much time they need to spend addressing security concerns. So what advice and priorities do slashdotters offer when addressing these concerns when addressing client needs?"

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