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Comment Re:Laws of Thermodynamics... (Score 5, Informative) 197

Actually, a softer (energy-absorbing) surface is more comfortable to walk on, provided it doesn't absorb excessive amounts.

The plastic tracks in stadiums are softer than asphalt, which again is softer than concrete. Guess which one people like to run on best?
Some athletes from poor countries practice on alphalt and find they run slower in a stadium. Concrete would be even faster, but it tends to wreck your knees unless you have good shoes, which, again, absorb energy.

Comment Re:I don't understand (Score 1) 484

Actually, the technique of creating a hole with a bunker buster and then destroying anything left in the crater with a normal bomb was used quite a bit in Iraq. It allows for the destruction of the contents of a building with minimal (perhaps the neighbours' houses) collateral damage.
In this case, the compound's walls might have contained the blast.

Comment Re:Ok, but. (Score 1) 218

You can automate the trust, or rather, make it implicit.

Whenever you favorite a torrent, you place some trust in both it and the publisher. That gets propagated.

I don't know the specifics, but I do know that people at my university have worked on this for years. (tribler isn't new, this is just a new release that has the P2P search)

Comment Re:Permanently modified? (Score 1) 426

Because the phone manufacturers stipulated that they would include microSD readers in their phones.
Microsoft doesn't want removable storage (I'll let you figure out why), so it uses a microSD feature to lock the card to the phone and refuses to let the phone work without the card, effectively making it permanent storage.

Comment Re:Power required to charge? (Score 1) 603

Oxidizer is heavy. Also, explosives need to dump all their energy in a very short timespan.

I believe the stoichiometric ratio for air:gasoline is 13.7 by mass. Of course, that's with only 21% oxygen, but 21% of 13.7 is still 2.87.
So, a more fair comparison would be 10 pounds of TNT versus 1 pound of gasoline plus 2.87 pounds of oxygen.

Comment Re:Cool (Score 2, Insightful) 188

Ceramic (or metal) plates are only used when you need to go up against rifle rounds. Standard vests that can protect against handguns typically consist of many layers of kevlar bonded together with resin to provide stiffness. (so it actually stops the bullet, rather than being dragged along with it into your body)

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