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Feed Dire Warnings on Global Warming (wired.com)

Extreme weather, drought and spreading disease are on the horizon if something isn't done to rein in the human impact on the environment, a new study says. By the Associated Press.

Feed China Fields Cyborg Flying Rats (wired.com)

The People's Daily Online reports Chinese scientists have successfully implanted electrodes in pigeons' brains to control the birds' movements. Reminds us of U.S. attempts to create remote-controlled shark spies. In Danger Room.


Submission + - VMware criticizes Microsoft licensing

Virtualization Dork writes: "SearchServerVirtualization.com's Alex Barrett just wrote a new story about VMware's take on Microsoft's virtualization licensing. According to the article, VMware contends that Microsoft is stalling the spread of virtualization with its licenses, but analysts say Microsoft isn't the only vendor whose licenses need to be overhauled.

From the article:

Microsoft is retarding the spread of virtualization with unfair, outmoded licensing practices for Windows Server 2003 and Vista operating systems, especially more sophisticated deployments that rely on VMware VMotion. At least, that's what VMware charged in a a whitepaper posted on its Web site last week.

VMware further charges that these practices are not only unfair, but designed to discourage IT shops from using virtualization software that goes beyond Microsoft's own Virtual Server and Virtual PC.

Check out this story on SearchServerVirtualization.com."

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