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Journal Journal: Ubuntu Issues

Well, I've have the newest flight of Dapper for a while now. This time I'm making a concerted effort to try and use it for an extended period of time. They recommend that it not be used as a primary desktop and I can see why. There are some serious problems. It has this great new window manager called Compiz. It brings some eyecandy to the normally drab Gnome desktop. There are, however, several problems with Compiz that are being worked over in the Ubuntu forums. ATI users are having some troubles, but they're being ironed out quickly. I've got an Nvidia card so Compiz is running great except for some annoying querks. When I type I have a tendency to hold down shift and backspace at the same time, which is set in my Xmodmap to terminate X. I set it to use on boot now, so hopefully that irons out that problem. Another annoyance is with the screensaver. It seems that if I use any OpenGL screensaver the system will just completely stop all graphical output. It'll go black and no combination of keys will bring it back. All I can do in that case is reboot. My sister recently got the Vundo bug on her XP machine, but I can't imagine that she'd be any better off using Linux since it's such a pain to configure. I'd say she might be a good candidate for an Apple, but I wouldn't want her to feed the beast. The newest update to Dapper came with Gnome 2.14. I can't say I notice any real differences. All the variants of Linux seem very promising at first, but they just keep coming up with ways to disappoint. Someday I hope Linux will become a stable enough system to use on an everyday basis. Until then I'll be more than happy to use XP or Vista.

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